The NEW Smashbox Studio Skin Shaping Foundation Stick (Review)

Since discovering the new Studio Skin Shaping Foundation Stick from Smashbox – whilst shopping in Boots a little while ago, I think it’s fair to say that I have been testing, wearing and trying this product out as much as I possibly can.

As first impressions go, I must begin by telling you that I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I first locked eyes on this Smashbox product and tested it out – by swatching it lightly on the back of my hand whilst still in the Boots store. From quickly swatching each end of this product on the back of my hand, I can tell you that I found the formula of each to feel very nice indeed. Both the foundation and the contour shade has a very creamy yet buttery texture, which is very soft and incredibly smooth in consistency!

Based on the fact that this product’s formula felt very nice indeed, I quickly decided that I needed to pick one of these foundations up and try it out further but in the comfort of my own home.

The NEW cruelty-free Studio Skin Shaping Foundation Stick by Smashbox is described on the Boots website as a ‘double-ended face-shaping product’ that has foundation on one end and a complimentary soft contour shade on the other. They say that the smooth yet blendable foundation itself will give one a medium yet buildable coverage, which gives a rather natural finish to the skin. The soft contour shade on the other end is there to add dimension to the face. Through the ease of the applicators angled tip, this product allows one to shape the face easily, add structure and sculpt very quickly too.

For those of you that like to get your monies worth this is the amount of product that comes in each stick…

My Thoughts

In all, I must tell you that I really enjoy working with this product first thing in the morning because it applies effortlessly onto the skin with no mess, no fuss and with literally hardly any blending needed either! True to its description also, this foundation has a buildable coverage, as you can happily apply a little more product to problem areas if you desire or build the layers of foundation up, to achieve a coverage that you are more comfortable with overall.

To blend both the foundation and the soft contour into the skin, I, personally like to take a Real Techniques Buffing Brush and buff the cream based product into the skin all over, with then finally taking a lightly dampened BeautyBlender to pat any excess product into the skin and just to make sure that everything is nicely blended and even all over. After concealing everywhere that I see fit, I then like to take a lightweight and preferably finely-milled setting powder – like Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish for example, and just dust this lightly over anywhere that is prone to creasing, fine lines or excess natural oil.

For reference, I did attempt to blend both the foundation and soft contour into the skin using a lightly dampened BeautyBlender alone, but it did not deem successful because the cream formula of both of these products is just a little too dry in consistency – which over the top of my already dry skin type just doesn’t work – which is why I have to use a buffing brush prior.

For the first few hours of wear, I must say that in my opinion, this foundation appears very nice on the skin… Although, the formula is a little drying, especially for dryer skin types like mine! The soft contour appears rather natural yet even and smooth throughout its wear also – thanks to the perfect shade matching I guess! The formula itself does not appear claggy or cakey, at first, just very natural and healthy looking.

Throughout around 8 hours of wear though, I must say that this foundation can start to look a little worse for wear, which isn’t a huge problem I’m sure because, after around 8 hours of wear, I guess we’re all about ready to take our makeup off anyway?! But I must say that on me, this foundation has melted in different areas around my face, became claggy around my nose area and under eyes and just really settled into pores and problem areas, which isn’t a nice look by any means!

Overall and despite any negatives that I may have mentioned prior, I must say that I still really like this product,  especially the soft contour shade and its formula!

What do you think of the NEW Studio Skin Shaping Foundation Stick?

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Love, Jess


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