The Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation (Review – On Dry Skin)

The #FauxFilter Foundation by HUDA BEAUTY is described as a high coverage foundation, which supposedly applies effortlessly onto the skin… The cream-based formula is said to happily camouflage imperfections, as well as any pigmentation, with a soft focus filtered finish! In all, there are around 30 shades of this foundation available, which is exceptional, to say the least, because 30 shades, means thirty different complexion matches – which is great news if you’re wanting to get your hands on this new and very exciting product by HUDA BEAUTY!

         In terms of packaging, I must tell you that I am pleasantly surprised by what I see. I know that there has been some shade over the fact that this foundation is made out of plastic, as opposed to glass BUT what does it really matter?! Yes, glass is slightly more luxurious but plastic is more travel-friendly and storage-friendly too, which is great news if you tend to drop things regularly… and I have been known to do that on more than one occasion!

As for the application, I can’t say that I totally agree with the HUDA BEAUTY claim, that “this foundation applies effortlessly onto the skin”…

When I first tried this foundation out for myself, I decided to use a dampened BeautyBlender because usually, the BeautyBlender works amazingly well for me, and that is why it is the only tool that I continuously go back to using more or less each and every day!

I know that when I took my BeautyBlender and started to blend the #FauxFilter Foundation into my skin, I was extremely disappointed by what I was seeing. For some reason, the BeautyBlender appeared to be dragging the foundation along my skin – which definitely didn’t make any sense at the time because I definitely wasn’t dragging the sponge – only lightly dabbing it against my skin. The foundation appeared patchy, dry in areas, uneven and just really bad to tell you the truth, and even the coverage was affected?! With the BeautyBlender this supposedly ‘high coverage’ foundation appeared very weak and flat on my skin, which certainly isn’t want anyone would want from a supposedly ‘full coverage’ foundation. Is it?!


 Seeming as I did spend good money on this foundation though, I was determined to make it work… OR at least try! 

So I started afresh. With a clean, just cleansed, toned and moisturised face – I primed my skin with some of the also relatively new Smashbox 2in1 Priminizer because it’s moisturising, and that’s exactly what my skin needs – especially once paired with a matte foundation like this!

To blend the HUDA BEAUTY #FauxFilter Foundation into my skin (for the second time), I decided to use my trusty Artis Oval 8 Brush because I knew that a BeautyBlender was a complete and utter waste of time, so if my Artis brush couldn’t make this foundation work, then I knew nothing could!


One thing I have learned about the new #FauxFilter Foundation by HUDA BEAUTY is that it’s definitely better to work this product into the skin in stages – particularly if you have a naturally drier skin type, just like I do.



This matte foundation is rather drying in my opinion, although I wouldn’t call it especially uncomfortable to wear. It isn’t a tacky feeling foundation nor one that leaves the complexion with any kind of sticky texture – which is wonderful because I can’t say that I like the appearance of powdered products over the top of this foundation…

Along with this, I would have to say that my suffocated skin, couldn’t bare anything extra over the top of it when I am wearing this foundation in particular. This may be down to the fact that my skin is just naturally drier… OR it may, in fact, be down to the fact that this is just what this product does?!

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that because I only know how this product reacts to my skin type alone.



Throughout a typical day, I would have to tell you that this thick, matte foundation does actually wear pretty well, surprisingly…

After a few hours, the foundation has come away slightly around my mouth, although that has to be expected, especially as I wear Invisalign’s, so am constantly taking these in and out of my mouth when I eat or drink anything other than water. Over a period of time, the #FauxFilter Foundation has also settled into those tiny fine lines around my face and just over any larger pores. I can’t say that this is an amazingly great look, but it doesn’t actually bother me to say the least. I expect foundation to wear and I expect it to perhaps sit a little odd on the skin after maybe 6 hours of wear BUT I don’t expect a foundation to blend so inconsistently, and because of this small factor, I can’t tell you that I would confidently use this foundation for any special occasion other than normal, day-to-day life.

Please excuse the fallout from my eyeshadow… I didn’t want to start rubbing at the foundation to remove any fallout, so reluctantly left it in place.

If there is JUST ONE POSITIVE that you take away from this review though, then please note that this product does indeed photograph BEAUTIFULLY. Within flash photography, skin appears flawless, even and actually really pretty in my opinion… I guess if you walked around with a ring-light stuck to you, then you’d be okay… but other than that – I think I’ll stay away from this product more or less most of the time.

What are your thoughts on the NEW #FauxFilter Foundation by HUDA BEAUTY, would you be keen to try this foundation out for yourself?!

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Love, Jess

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  1. 30/10/2017 / 19:55

    Im so disappointed that it’s not good!Even though my face is mostly oily,i still have dry patches that this would just cling to.My under eyes have huge folds and lines (big eyes problem lol) this would just gather in them and my pores are huge too :(.Its such a shame,it sounds like its meant for straight up oily skin types not dry/combination skin.Your eyeshadow is gorgeous btw xx

    • jellybluesblog
      30/10/2017 / 20:17

      I feel ya exactly!!! I had such high hopes for this foundation before I tried it. I guess I expected it to be a little drying for my dry skin type, especially with it being a matte finish foundation but like you say ‘big eyes’ cause big creases ?? and this one certainly settles into mine. Thank you so much, it’s the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette (I’ll have a review on this palette coming out soon… if you’re interested). Xxx

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