A Christmas Gift Guide… For Her

*This post is in collaboration with Scrumpies of Mayfair.

What is it now, 4 weeks until Christmas…? It’s rather scary to say the least, I mean, where has 2017 gone?! It seems like only 5 minutes ago, that I was creating my Christmas Gift Guide for last year… and now, here we are, looking at buying Christmas gifts for December 2017!!!

Within this post, you will find a good array of beauty products, scents, and fragrances, as well as some more unique, personalised gifts and a good selection of fashion items that I am currently obsessed with! I hope with the help of this Christmas Gift Guide, you will be able to get some of those important pressies ticked off your Christmas list… as well as perhaps treat yourself too at the same time?!



Along with all of the fabulous gifts that I have already shown you within this post, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you all, the luxury brand, that is Scrumpies of Mayfair.

A little while ago, Scrumpies of Mayfair actually got in touch with me, as they wanted to know if I would like to try a pair of their glorious yet rather unique knickers for myself… After a little bit of research, I can tell you that I graciously accepted their very generous offer, and swiftly chose the Garden Royale knickers as my personal favourites from their current luxury knicker collection!

 Scrumpies of Mayfair as a brand, believe in creating knickers to suit every girl’s personality. Whether your playful or feisty, there is a knicker design available to suit us all. Made from luxurious British Silk, French Lace, and Czech Crystal, there is so much more to these knickers than FOR just protecting your dignity! These luxurious, unique and extremely special knickers come packaged in a beautiful box, with there own individual and detachable Apple collectible charm, (which is complete with Czech Crystals). In all, I would have to tell you that the Scrumpies of Mayfair knickers are beyond special and certainly an ideal gift for Christmas and the Holiday season!

For further details and to shop the Scrumpies of Mayfair Collection, please feel free to use this link or head over to scrumpiesofmayfair.com

Personalised/ Unique Gifts

My Fashion Favourites

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Love, Jess

This blog post is in collaboration with Scrumpies of Mayfair. An item featured in this post has been gifted to me, with the intent of a review/feature on Jellybluesblog.co.ukAs always, my thoughts & opinions shared within their post are 100% honest and my own. Thank you! Enquiries: Please email: Jellybluesblog@gmail.com

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