The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette (Review)

               It’s here! After finally giving into temptation and purchasing the new Desert Dusk Palette by Huda Beauty – I can now tell you my thoughts and experience on using the latest eyeshadow palette to hit Huda Beauty’s very own makeup line.

As you’ve probably guessed it, I was never actually planning on purchasing this palette for myself. Believe me, curiosity had certainly crossed my mind, but there was just something about spending £56.00 on an eyeshadow palette that didn’t sit well. A few weeks later though, and here I am, holding my very own Desert Dusk Palette in my hands… So, yes, curiosity definitely got the better of me here!

The Palette

The Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette by Huda Beauty contains eighteen “mesmerizing” shades. From eight “buttery” matte finishes to six sublime pressed pearls, there are also three duo-chrome toppers and finally one “daring” glitter!!

As plainly labelled on the back of this palette’s packaging, these shadows claim to be “highly pigmented, easy to blend but also talc-free”. The matte shades within this palette claim to last incredibly well, “once blended” – which would be an amazing thing ‘if true’… The gorgeous pressed pearls are described to cast a shimmering veil over the lids, which, if true, again, sounds amazing, to say the least. There are then those three duo-chrome toppers and that one “daring” glitter to play with… which I am very excited about to tell you the truth, as they appear absolutely breathtaking in the pan and are colours that I love to wear.

The Shades

*All of the following shadow swatches were applied DRY – onto clean, dry skin*.

L-R: Desert Sand • Musk • Eden • Amber • Blood Moon • OUD • Celestial • Nefertiti • Twilight • Amethyst

L-R: Royal • Retrograde • Cashmere • Angelic • Cosmo • Turkish Delight • Saffron • Blazing

The Packaging

Before heading straight into the review of this palette, you know I had to give the packaging its very own little section! I am a total sucker for glitter and sparkle, and this palette really does have it all in my opinion…

Regardless of the fact that my Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette came broken, I would have to tell you that I love the clean and sophisticated, contemporary matte black packaging that this has, as I think this really emphasises the shadows and shades from within. The large mirror makes this a great palette to us on the go, whilst the reflective, beautiful picture of Huda herself, makes this palette perfect for displaying on your dressing table or even your vanity unit!

My Thoughts

I would have to tell you that I am indeed a fan of the new Desert Dusk Palette by Huda Beauty.

There are a few faults or ‘issues’ that I have certainly come across when using this palette – but that doesn’t mean that I actually dislike this product altogether… It just means, that there are a few things that I would personally change if I could.

To begin, I would have to say that the matte shades from within this palette are very pigmented, although a little too dry for my own liking. I would have much preferred the matte shades from within this palette to have a slightly more creamy formula, only because their formula, as they are, does kick up in the pan and give some fallout too, which isn’t always ideal. I also find them to be a little difficult to work with and blend, as they can certainly appear quite patchy on me personally. Whether I just have especially dry lids, I don’t know – but I have used a primer beforehand and can tell you now that I have never noticed a difference in terms of application, blendability, pigmentation or wear.

The beautiful pressed pearls, the duo-chromes and that one stunning glitter are by far my favourite types of shadows from within this palette. Agreeably, you do need to use some sort of primer or glitter glue beforehand – only because you will end up with glitter all over your face if you don’t. Although, in general, I would have to tell you that I adore these unique shadows and really enjoy using them when I want something a little more dressy and glam. In fact, this eyeshadow palette is going to be PERFECT for this festive season – for those Christmas parties and, of course, New Year!!!

I could only tell you – quite honestly – that this isn’t one of my most favourite eyeshadow palettes…

I love the uniqueness of those duo-chrome toppers, that glitter and, of course, those pressed pearls – as they certainly add something rather special and glam to any makeup look! In all honesty, though, I would have to tell you that I just don’t like the matte eyeshadows from within this palette. I love the shade range – don’t get me wrong – but the formula just doesn’t work for me, which is unfortunate, to say the least, BUT sometimes just how things go. I have heard, however, a lot of people say that they love this new palette by Huda Beauty… which is really good. Just because some of the formulas from within this palette don’t work for me, personally, that doesn’t mean that they won’t work for you! So if you do get the chance to try this palette for yourself, then please let me know, along with others, your experience in the comments below!

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