The RUBY Palette by DIOR!! Christmas 2017 (Review)

The Dior Beauty Limited Edition Christmas 2017 Collection

This year it would appear that Dior has gone ‘ALL OUT’ with their Christmas Beauty Collection!!

As we have more shades of nail polish available in comparison to last year anyway, as well as an array of gorgeous lipsticks – from satin to matte finishes – one glowy golden loose powder, a beautiful powder blush, lip & cheek stains, a Holidays edition brow mascara, a glittery nail liner and finally, two ‘five’ couleur eyeshadow palettes… which are both absolutely stunning in my personal opinion.

The Five Couleurs Precious Rocks Eyeshadow Palette


The 5 Couleurs Precious Rocks Eyeshadow Palettes by Dior have been designed with Wintery themed eye-makeup in mind. The two limited edition palettes from within the Precious Rocks collection each contain a different shade variation to one another too – with one of the palettes containing silky beige tones and iridescent emeralds, to this palette, which is called Ruby, that is filled with pearly reds, browns, and a classic shimmery ivory!

Out of the two palettes from the Precious Rocks collection, I must tell you that the Ruby Palette definitely stood out to me the most… because I love to wear plummy toned mauves on my eyes, and that is exactly what the RUBY PALETTE stands for as far as I can see.

My Thoughts

Before I begin to ramble on about how amazing this palette truly is, I must tell you that the packaging TRULY is ALSO one on its own!! Each holiday, Dior create truly breathtaking palette designs – although – there is just something about this palette that honestly blows my mind! Whether it’s the shade range or the prismatic pattern, which is pressed onto the surface of the shadows themselves, I can’t quite work out it out, all I do know is that this is – without a doubt – the best eyeshadow palette that Dior has EVER created in my personal opinion, and I absolutely love it! It is a seriously sophisticated yet a somewhat edgy palette that just screams luxury and Christmas as far as I can see… The only thing that I honestly can’t work out is why this palette is still available to buy AND why it hasn’t already SOLD OUT?!

The shade range is again… ABSOLUTELY BLOOMING STUNNING and the pigmentation is again unreal, to say the least…

I don’t quite know why but Dior’s eyeshadows in the past have always been JUST ‘standard’ and for some reason, the pigmentation was never exceptional. With this palette, however, DIOR HAVE COME THROUGH. The pigmentation is real, the blendability is insane and the finish is just something else!

They are soft, they are smooth, they are finely milled, they give LITTLE fall-out – they don’t kick up in the pan AND… they all sit beautifully on the eyes whether you use a primer beforehand or not!

In all, I could only tell you that I am in love with this palette AND if you know anyone who LOVES these types of shades… then I would definitely recommend this palette as a Christmas gift idea!!

What are your thoughts on this palette, would you buy it?!

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Love, Jess

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