Boxing Day Bargains! What I brought during the Boxing Day sales.

After a short time away from writing reviews, testing out products and just generally adoring what makeup can do, I am back.
Back to doing what I love best.


With Christmas technically only being just a few days ago, I wanted to share with you all another very special time of the year,
which is Boxing Day, and with that the Boxing Day sales!!!

The Boxing Day sales are for me, personally, one of the most exciting times of the year because I am a self-confessed shopaholic, and I definitely thrive from managing to pick up a bargain or two…

Since the Boxing Day sales have somewhat lost their tradition and, in a sense, magic also. I must say that the sales this year were just a little bit to frantic and all over the place for my own liking – as some online stores opened their theoretical doors days in advance, whilst others stuck to either Christmas Eve, Christmas Day OR, as it should be, Boxing Day itself.

The Boxing Day sales (or whatever you want to call them) offer us, as shoppers, the most.

As this is the only time of the year in which many brands and companies want to clear as much of their stock as possible, ready for the following season and fashion trends to commence! One very important thing to remember when shopping in the Boxing Day sales, is that it is only going to be a bargain if it something that you have seen and fell in love with before. Otherwise, you are impulse buying, which believe me, I am not saying is a bad thing, just an unhealthy situation for your bank balance I suppose. 

Some of the pieces that I very luckily managed to pick up were purchased online on Christmas Day itself – although – I must say that I don’t really think that this was right! As Christmas Day is a time for family, not shopping, but you have to do what you have to I suppose to get hold of those bargains… if you want them that is!

SO HERE THEY ARE! The items that I managed to get my hands on throughout the Christmas sales 2017.

Please note, that I purchased some of the following items in-stores ONLY and therefore not online – so some of the following links will not corrispond to what I actually paid for the item OR where in fact, I actually purchased the item from.


The Dolce & Gabbana Boots were purchased from Dolce & Gabbana, Bicester Shopping Village, as well as the Charlotte Tilbury beauty items, and Tom Ford. The IT Cosmetics and Sisley makeup products were purchased from, and were all purchased during the Christmas Day sales.


Here is an array of some beautiful pieces that I am fortunate enough to already own, which are now amazingly in the sale!


How gorgeous are those Marco De Vincenzo boots, and that Coach jacket?! I am in love with them all of these pieces… but haven’t actually took the plunge and purchased any of them just yet.

What did you buy during the Boxing Day sales?! Be sure to let me know, as well as others in the comments below!

Merry Christmas once again, and a very Happy New Year!

Love, Jess


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