The MOST Dramatic Mascara EVER?!

I am totally obsessed with mascara it’s true. Whether it’s a drugstore-friendly brand or an extremely luxurious and over-priced product, there is just something about mascara in general, that makes me very excited indeed! Perhaps, it could all be down to the fact that I don’t wear falsies? False lashes to me, have never been appealing – even if they do complete ones makeup look, I just don’t feel comfortable wearing them. Although, I do understand why falsies are worn and relied on so heavily, they just – unfortunately – don’t work for me, which is why a good mascara is SO important, and why I am always on the look out for the next BEST THING that will give my lashes length, volume, and drama, of course!

One mascara – that has been on my thoughts for the passed couple of months now – is the Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara by none other than Marc Jacobs.

SO why is it so special? Well, this mascara is said to deliver major volume, oversized lashes, as well as a velvet-like look, which if true, just sounds absolutely blooming amazing, doesn’t it?!

After seeing a lot of my favourite beauty influencers online rave about this product, saying that it was indeed “one of the good ones”, I was eager to bite the bullet and spend my hard earned cash on one very exciting mascara, that seems to have captured a lot of makeup addicts hearts thoroughly! So, I picked one up, online, last week and have been using it relentlessly ever since I must say!!


To kick things off nicely, you know that I HAVE to mention the packaging of this product – BECAUSE – would this really be a REAL Jellybluesblog review, if I didn’t mention just how much I love the elegant, classy and sophisticated style of packaging? I think not.

The applicator to this mascara is also pretty darn good as well as far as I am aware, because the brush, which is made out of man-made fibres, as opposed to plastic, just seems to sit comfortably against the lashes, and wiggle into them well for a close-to-root application, that we all so desperately long for. The brush itself is quite large in size too, although it isn’t ridiculous but just right in my opinion! I like how the size allows you to really reach a lot of your lashes well, although there is still a lot of control and precision there.

Overall and in all, I would have to tell you all, that I am in love with this product, and enjoy using it on a regular basis – regardless of the time or occasion! The Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara does indeed have one of the most deeply saturated, beautiful formulas that I think I have EVER, personally come across, and I absolutely love it! The consistency is again so smooth, so rich and just beautiful to say the least, which all just allows this mascara to apply so incredibly easily and comfortably to the lashes! It gives the lashes some amazing definition also, which I honestly just can’t get enough of! I love the drama, the volume and the intensity, whilst the length that you’re able to give to your lashes from this ONE mascara alone, is just something else. It is incredible.

What are your thoughts on this mascara by Marc Jacobs?


Love, Jess


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