NEW Diorskin Forever Undercover 24HR Full Coverage Foundation (Review On Dry Skin)

If you have read any of my Dior Beauty posts pacifically in the past, then you would know already that Dior is one of my most-favourite cosmetic brands… I like TooFaced, admire Charlotte Tilbury greatly but just seem to adore everything makeup wise that Dior creates. I love their luminizer so much, the Ruby Eyeshadow Palette that they brought out exclusively at Christmas time and a few of their different eyebrow products most definitely!!

Discovering a little while ago that Dior was set to release a brand new foundation, honestly made me very excited indeed! I am a big fan of their Star Foundation anyway, although unfortunately find the lightest shade that they have to be a little too peach-toned for my natural complexion, which is why I don’t tend to use it all that often, just because it can be a little bit of a hassle to match my skin tone and neck well.

Describing themselves as experts in both finishes and wear, I would have to tell you that the NEW Forever Undercover Foundation by Dior has got me very intrigued indeed.

The NEW ’24-hour full coverage fluid foundation combines maximum complexion control with a natural matte finish, which is also described as ‘kiss-proof’, ‘touch-proof’, ‘life-proof’, ‘day-proof’ and also ‘night-proof’.

With all of this in mind – as well as being a self-confessed Dior-alcoholic, you know that I had to get my hands on this new foundation with the pairing Forever Undercover Concealer, both in the lightest, fairest shades that Dior have, of course.

*Please note that the two pictures above were taken in front of a ring lite and without flash in use.

Before I even begin to mention my thoughts on this foundation’s formula itself, please allow me a moment to address the shade range of this product because I am a little disappointed.

If there had to be just one thing about Dior Beauty that I really did not like, then it would have to be their shade range or lack off, should I say? I am a very fair-toned gal. My complexion is practically the colour of milk with my neck being slightly paler too dare I say…

Now, obviously, when it came to purchasing this new foundation by Dior, I had to go for the lightest, fairest shade that Dior currently makes. Shade: 010 is the lightest shade available at this moment in time, with Dior describing this shade as ‘Ivory’ also, I can’t help but feel as though they have missed a few lighter shades out? By other brands, there are often lighter foundation shades like Alabaster for example or even Porcelain! So, why have Dior started with Ivory? Pale people like foundation too you know!!!

To put it in respective, I cannot use this foundation shade as it is naturally (out of the bottle) on my untanned skin-tone – just because shade: 010 is far too peach toned for me personally, and I would look ridiculous even if I tried. The ONLY way I can wear and use this foundation, however, is if I mix a decent amount of the White Foundation Mixer by NYX with a blob of this foundation itself. As you can imagine, I’m sure, this is a hassle and definitely not ideal BUT it is the only way that I can use this foundation without being tanned because Dior has not made a lighten enough shade yet in personal opinion.


SHADE: 010

In all and regardless of the ridiculous shade range for fair-toned people, I actually really like this foundation.

The formula is thin, smooth and very lightweight in both texture and consistency. It gives a medium to full coverage in my opinion, although is definitely very easily buildable, which is something that I greatly admire! You can definitely work with this foundation in good time too, allowing yourself to build the coverage in different areas of your complexion, I really like to go back in with further layers of this foundation slowly, rather than applying a huge amount all at once and trying to blend it out.

True to what Dior say though, this foundation does give a rather matte finish to the complexion in my opinion. Although, I can’t say that the matte finish to this product is one that I actually mind? With having quite a naturally drier skin type, like I do, I usually like stay as far away as possible from matte foundations like this, only because they can usually emphasise pores and drier areas drastically. But this foundation does not. It tones down any shine for sure but just seems to lock ones natural radiance into place exquisitely well. I love it.

Through this foundation, my skins natural texture can certainly still be visible, although it definitely appeared a lot smoother and refined. It sits well on the surface of my skin throughout a typical day and is certainly a foundation that I would consider wearing for a special occasion, when I need my makeup to look at its best for a longer amount of time than usual. 


The two lightest shades from two different foundation collections.

Dior Forever Undercover 24HR Full Coverage Foundation – Shade: Ivory & Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15 – Shade: Alabaster.

The two different foundation shades in comparison.

Top – Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15 – Shade: Alabaster.

Bottom – Dior Forever Undercover 24HR Full Coverage Foundation – Shade: Ivory

To wear the Dior Forever Undercover 24HR Full Coverage Foundation in the Shade: Ivory on my naturally fair skin tone, I HAVE to mix it with this amount of the NYX White Foundation Mixer…

Which then, thankfully makes this shade, which is perfect for my natural skin tone!


SHADE: 010

Again, the shade of this concealer could have done with being just slightly fairer overall but never the less I really, really like this product!

I love the application of this concealer, as the slender doe-foot applicator allows precision, comfort and a good, even layer of product itself. The formula blends effortlessly with a lovely creamy yet soft finish in my opinion. This concealer just seems to sit really lovely and light on the skin! I have really been enjoying using this extremely luxurious concealer on a day-to-day basis, and would certainly recommend it to a friend to check out.

What are your thoughts on the NEW Dior Forever Undercover 24HR Full Coverage Foundation, and the pairing concealer? Let me know your thoughts on these two rather luxurious products in the comments below!


Love, Jess



  1. Shane
    26/02/2018 / 12:06

    Could you put the picture of its ingredients list? I have sensitive skin and i can’t find any review that has it. I love the quality of your shots and you made me want to try it but i don’t know if it’s going to possibly damage/break out my skin. Thank you!

    • jellybluesblog
      26/02/2018 / 16:15

      Hi, I’ve just posted a picture now over on my Instagram Stories that you’re more than welcome to take a look at and screenshot! ? Just to give you sort of an idea, I also have very sensitive, dry skin and this foundation doesn’t seem to react badly to mine but of course, everyone is different so this may affect you. Thanks for your comment lovely.

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