#NEW MAC Dazzleshadow Eyeshadows (Review)

“Yes, yes, yes!” I finally have my hands on two of the relatively new MAC Dazzleshadow Eyeshadows… Isn’t it exciting?

Since first gazing upon these ‘incredibly EXTRA’ shadows – that were being swatched on social media at the time – I just knew that I HAD to get my hands on at least one… or two.

“Because let’s face it, a girl can never have enough glitter and sparkle in her life, can she”?


Now, before commenting on anything to do with the formula of these two shadows themselves, I must first explain my little story.

So, whilst in the MAC store (in Selfridges, Birmingham), I did indeed have the help and advice of a lovely MAC makeup artist. The lady picked out a few shades which she thought would suit me well, and I must admit I was very grateful because anyone who’s ever been to a MAC store will know that it can be a little hectic and overwhelming. Out of the entire collection of Dazzleshadows, I must say that Slow/Fast/Slow and Feel The Fever definitely attracted my attention straight of the way, as these are the type of shades that I am definitely more drawn to.


So, what makes the relatively new Dazzleshadows by MAC so incredibly fancy?

Well, MAC claims that their stay-true, riotous hued shadows are each richly pigmented.

With a creamy, talc-free formula the Dazzleshadows by MAC offer the perfect balance between cream and powder, that in all helps to deliver a multidimensional, reflective surface which leaves the lids appearing dazzling yet feminine and delicate.

In my opinion, I would have to tell you that I am incredibly impressed by the finish of each one of these (pressed) shadows. Although, the application can be a little bit of a pain if I am being entirely honest with you all…

And because of this I just can’t say that the formula of these shadows in particular is one of my all-time favourites.

I am a girl who always applies her base makeup first. I start with primer, continue with foundation, and, of course, complete my base with concealer. I rarely use heavy powders over the top of my base just because of how dry my natural skin type is.

With all of this in mind, I must say that the reason as to why the Dazzleshadows by MAC are just a little bit of a pain to work with (for me) is simply down to the fact that these shadows do give fall-out because of their quite dry formula.

And as I am sure you can imagine the fall-out is definitely not ideal, especially for one who has done her base makeup first.

I would also just like to point out for anyone wondering, that I have applied these shadows with a dry, flat brush, as well as a dampened, flat brush and with my finger at different times. The ‘finger’ is the best AND most effective way to apply one of these shadows in my opinion. When using a dry, flat brush the pigmentation can be a little weak, whilst a dampened brush almost adjusts the effortless dazzle to a slightly more metallic finish if you know what I mean.




FEEL THE FEVER gives the eyes a beautifully vibrant, midnight tone of blue with stunning reflects of purple, light blue glitter, silver, gold and even the odd hint of pink sparkle too.

SLOW/FAST/SLOW is perhaps the more ‘safe’ of shades out of the two in my opinion, as it certainly follows a style and colour that I am used to working with and seeing on myself. It offers a really beautiful rusty gold colouring to the eye with strong rose gold sparkly reflects also, I love how this shadow looks.

In my final thoughts, I would have to tell you that I definitely do not dislike these products. The blue shade is perhaps a little daring for everyday wear, although the perfect essential for a more dressy, style of look? Fall-out aside, I love how the Dazzleshadows look. They easily and so effortlessly turn any eye look from 0-100 – and that is certainly no word of a lie.

Yes, the fall-out can be a little bit of a pain BUT from now on and whenever I want to use one of these shadows (or a product of a similar nature), I WILL either apply my eye makeup first OR definitely take precautions and ‘bake’. As ‘baking’ allows the unwanted fall-out to easily be caught and with that so easily dusted off with a light, fluffy makeup brush when you’re ready. The only one downside of ‘baking’ one’s under-eyes, however, is that it can mattify the finish of one’s skin and make it appear just a little bit dry sometimes.




Love, Jess

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  1. artofeyeshadow
    11/04/2018 / 04:14

    Feel the Fever has pretty glitters! It’s too bad the shadows are dry; they sound a little trickier to work with than I’d like. They’re still so pretty though!

    • jellybluesblog
      11/04/2018 / 08:42

      Feel the Fever is gorgeous isn’t it!!! I love it. Apart from the fall out, I must say that these are great. You just have to either ensure that your applying these first or have A LOT of loose setting powder underneath, cause these are blooming dry unfortunately.??

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