#NEW YSL Touche Éclat ALL-IN-ONE Glow Foundation (Review on dry skin)

Anyone who likes a nice dewy makeup base (just like I do) will know that when it comes to foundation one that offers a good coverage with a hydrating, glowy and dewy formula is going to be one that you are just going to HAVE to check out and try out for yourselves!

The new YSL Touche Éclat ALL-IN-ONE Glow Foundation promises to give one’s complexion a fresh and dewy, flawless base by a buildable, oil-free, natural looking, medium coverage formula.

From covering imperfections to giving the skin long-lasting hydration, what more could a dewy foundation lover really want or need?

In my personal opinion, I would have to say that the new YSL Touche Éclat ALL-IN-ONE Glow Foundation is a good product.

It gives my complexion a really lovely, healthy-looking, dewy finish, which isn’t heavy in texture nor suffocating for my skin thank goodness. I like how this foundation has an incredibly glowy finish to it, although I would have to tell you that I don’t exactly agree with the medium coverage claim that YSL state, as this foundation can appear VERY light and subtle with just one layer applied to the skin – which isn’t, of course, a problem ALTHOUGH not exactly instant medium coverage!?

Does this foundation blend well? WELL actually yes, I would say that it does.

I really like how smooth and simple this foundation is to not only apply but also blend into the skin. As it isn’t one that seems to cling to any of those drier areas on my face OR appear patchy if I don’t blend it in within seconds of being applied.

True to what YSL describe about this product, this foundation is buildable – although, thankfully very soft and subtle to begin with. You are also able to spot conceal with this foundation – by applying more to those areas that you feel you need slightly more coverage. Whilst layering and building up the coverage of this foundation, it doesn’t become heavy in-appearance OR suffocating on the skin, thank goodness!






Once again, I can’t say that you are able to achieve an ultra-flawless base with the use of this foundation because darker freckles and blemishes are definitely still visible for me whilst wearing a decent amount of this product. Although, the coverage is definitely still excellent in my opinion, when a few layers have been built up and blended in well.

My one concern with this foundation (although I can’t actually back my theory up, so this is definitely just a guess) is that this product may have broken me out?! I don’t quite know. Whether the breakouts are down to a new concealer that I’ve recently used or a different foundation altogether, I can’t quite work it out. All I do know is that I have worn this foundation a number of times already and since then have broken out with quite a number of hideous spots!


In all though, I must tell you that I really like this product and am definitely impressed by what I have discovered from applying it, wearing it and using it, of course. I have decided to stop using it, however for the time being. Just in case this product is causing the breakouts. Although once my skin has cleared significantly, I am going to go back to using this foundation, to then hopefully try and work out if it is this product that is causing those hideous breakouts… Either way, I would definitely recommend anyone who suffers with naturally dry skin (just like I do) to go to a YSL beauty counter and check this new foundation out!


Love, Jess


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