#NEW Lime Crime VENUS XL Eyeshadow Palette (Review)

Here she is! The Venus XL Eyeshadow Palette by Lime Crime. Isn’t it gorgeous?! With eighteen beautiful shadows, it is fair to say that this palette has an excellent, complimentary shade range and with that is also very versatile. From a collection of rustic reds, golden roses, bronze neutrals and berries also, this palette has with it a delicious array of opalescent pinks that come in matte finishes, sparkly mattes, metallic and glow finishes as well.

The shadows themselves are each very pigmented in my opinion. With an effortless and easy to blend formulation, I really enjoy working with this product! Also, the shadows themselves give hardly any fallout, which is definitely ideal, whilst also applying smoothly in a number of different ways

What more could one ask for? They compliment one another perfectly, combine and sit very lovely too – I really like to layer a number of the different shades together for extra dimension around my eyes.

the swatches

*Please note – The following swatches are placed on my clean, dry arm and were photographed in natural sunlight (by a window).

L-R: Eden • Love • Passion • Fresca • Inspire • Idolized

L-R: Aphrodite • Nu Classic • Burnt Gold • Flora • Scallop • Celestial

L-R: Ethereal • Triumph • Supreme • Blank Canvas • Boticelli • Goddess

If only this palette was available for February 14th – 

How ideal would the Venus XL shade range be for Valentines Day makeup?!

Above all else, this hefty sized palette may consume most of your baggage weight allowance BUT just take a look at the pan sizes… They are huge! By a certified vegan & cruelty-free brand: Lime Crime, I must tell you that I am very impressed by what you have achieved here!


Love, Jess


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