Current Beauty Favourites | April 2018

Oh, guys, it’s been a while. What can I say?! There’s been a lot of fabulous beauty products that I’ve really been enjoying using lately BUT just not a big enough collection of newbies for me to share. Until now, of course. Within this post, I have a good mixture of skincare, makeup, and even my current favourite fragrance, so be sure to sit back with a cup of tea at your side, to find out all about the products that I have literally NOT stopped using!!

Since visiting the Kiehl’s counter in Leicester (around 4 weeks ago) to receive one of their free skin consultations, I must say that I have been using AND ADORING both the two products that I was recommended every single day.

The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and Avocado Eye Treatment are both lovely products to use in my opinion. They each have a very refreshing, gel-like consistency which effortlessly melts into the skin, I am obsessed.

The Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment (with avocado) is a revolutionary product to use in my opinion. Before using this product twice a day, I must tell you that I always suffered from tight, dehydrated fine lines around my under-eye areas. Makeup would always sit quite heavy on these areas, and powder was just a massive no-no. Since using this eye treatment, however, I must say that my under-eyes have positively improved! Skin is smooth to the touch, soft and my skin’s natural texture is also beautifully even. I am never going to stop using this product!

Just like the Avocado Eye Treatment, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream has a beautiful smooth formula too! It applies and absorbs effortlessly, whilst also feeling very light in weight and just very refreshing overall. Makeup sits beautifully over the top of this product, whilst it also just makes my skin feel fab! I couldn’t be more pleased. In fact, one thing that is definitely worth mentioning is that genuinely, my makeup has never applied and sat more beautifully on my skin than until now!!!

Thank you Kiehl’s skincare.

Creating a favourites blog post and not mentioning this foundation in-particular would be dishonest, and you know that I am not about that life! The Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation with an of SPF 15 is one amazing product in my opinion…

Since the sun has been shining and I have been wearing and maintaining a fake tan practically each and every day, I must tell you that this is ‘the’ foundation that I have been reaching for relentlessly!!! It sits beautifully on the complexion, appearing dewy yet radiant, I love the formula of this product!! It has a medium consistency in my opinion, which really does encourage a smooth, even application and a good, medium coverage overall. You can easily layer and build the coverage of this foundation as well, whilst still maintaining it’s somewhat natural healthy finish.

Yes, Tom Ford, you’re good.

With mentioning fake tan A LOT lately on the blog and my other social media platforms, I thought that it would only be right to share with you all the ONLY tanning product that I am currently obsessed with…

The St.Tropez Natural Glowing Skin Bronzing Water Mousse is by far the easiest fake tanning product that I have EVER used! Although it applies clear with no colour guard, I must say that this is so incredibly easy to use – I could happily apply this blindfolded! In fact, since discovering this product, I will be ditching my at-home spray tanning booth as this is just by far so much quicker, easier and more comfortable to use! I really do adore this product and would 100% recommend!!

Since I do have a blog post coming up soon all about this product AND how to use it, I really don’t want to give too much more away! So stay tuned.

My fragrance of choice lately has GOT to be the Si Passione by Giorgio Armani.

With opening notes of pink pepper and radiant pear, you will also discover notes of rose and delicate jasmine in this fruity-floral perfume. Complete with base notes of vanilla and cedarwood also, this is the fragrance that I have been smelling off lately and literally cannot get enough of!!

When it comes to blusher – I HAVE to mention the ONLY product that I have been wearing and using over the last couple of weeks…

The LÓréal Life’s A Peach blush is delicate yet pigmented and just so incredibly flattering for a fairer skin tone, just like mine. Fragranced with the most delicious candied peach also, I must tell you that I am absolutely obsessed with this drugstore product, and would definitely pick up a replacement if given the chance!

At last! The famous Gimme Brow by Benefit is BACK! Thank the Lord. My brows have definitely suffered since this product got recalled a little while ago and taken off sale.

If anything though, I must say that since not having this product in my life, it has now made me realise just how amazing the Gimme Brow is! From the petite applicator to the beautifully smooth, rich formula, I must tell you that in my opinion, this is the best brow mascara out there!

Last but by no means least we have two eye products that I have been wearing consistently and absolutely loving over the past few weeks.

The KIKO Milano Colour Lasting Creamy Eyeshadow in the shade 07 is, in my opinion, the most sparkly and ultra-glam but ever so wearable shade from this entire collection. Having tones of taupe and silver, I can not get over how flattering this product is to wear but also just how effortless it is to apply. It has a smooth very lightweight and thin consistency which is strangely also quite dry?! The glitter is fine and smooth, with no fallout, you could not wish for a more refined, beautiful formula. KIKO have served themselves as well as the makeup community proud!

Moving onto the final product…
The KIKO Milano Gold Waves Metallic Eyeshadow is limited-edition, although SO worth getting your hands on if you can. I, personally love to use this after applying mascara, as it covers and conceals any transfer on the top of my lids (from the mascara), whilst also effortlessly gliding over the lids with an ultra-smooth, very liquid-like formula. This product is unreal. It sets and dries quickly, although with plenty of working time. I would be very surprised if there is a more metallic liquid eyeshadow out there that is more amazing than this one for the price!?

What are your current beauty faves?! Have you tried any of the products featured within this post OR have I inspired you to go and test them out?! I’d love to know so be sure to let me know in the comments below.


Love, Jess


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