Dior’s “Tattoo Effect” All-Day Brow Ink (First impressions)

Dior’s first “tattoo effect” brow ink is here… BUT what is it really like?! I put my own brows to the test.

With a supposedly enriched, high-pigmented formula the Diorshow All-Day Brow Ink is described to tint the skin in a single sweep. For instantly full, lasting-shaped brows with a weightless finish, this product is said to be waterproof and also give 36 hours wear!

Since the opportunity to test out Dior’s NEW All-Day Brow Ink has come,
I feel that I must mention that I had absolutely no idea of what to expect from this product, and have certainly been a little apprehensive as to how it both works and applies.

After using this product quite a few times now, I must say that my first thoughts have definitely lived up to expectation.

With the short but stubby sponge wand applicator, this product’s gel-like formula is weightless yet smooth, and very thin in-consistency. Although this product glides over the brow area effortlessly, I would also have to say that wiping away any excess formula before application is definitely a necessity in my opinion because the lesser the product the more refined and natural the finish.

(Before/ After pictures taken in natural day light. No filters used).



Shade: 002

Overall, I would have to say that this is a very interesting product in my opinion, and certainly a good one if you like to play and mess around with makeup regularly. Although, if you are someone who only uses specific brow products because you feel that you need them, then I wouldn’t actually say that this is a necessary product to use – just an extra step.

Whenever I have used this product in-particular myself, I have always felt like I needed to shape my brows with a brow pencil and then finish them off with a brow mascara of some sort as well. Of course, I am used to my brows appearing a certain way and using a range of different products at once, so this many steps may not actually be necessary BUT even so, this is how I do my brows.

The Diorshow All-Day Brow Ink is, however, very handy for quickly filling in larger sparser areas, and also giving the brows an even, consistent colouring. Although, I just can’t say that the style of applicator that this product has enables precision or a quick application.

Is this product worth it?! Well, actually I wouldn’t really say so.

If you are someone who likes playing around with different makeup products though, then ABSOLUTELY go and give this brow ink a try. Otherwise, I wouldn’t say that this product has changed my life, or more importantly, how I do my brows each and every day.

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Love, Jess


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