*NEW* Hourglass CAUTION Mascara (Review & Try on)

Have you heard?! Hourglass has a brand new mascara.

The Caution (Extreme Lash) Mascara is available as a travel-size and as a full-size product too – ideally allowing those of us who only want to try this mascara out, the opportunity to pick up a smaller size, to begin with.

Like all Hourglass products, the whole look, feel and design of this mascara is very luxe and boujee. The packaging is clean, crisp and contemporary. The mirrored high-shine, reflective design with a triangular shape packaging offers originality but also practicality in my opinion. For the price of £25, I would have to say that this mascara is much more bank-balance friendly, especially in comparison to it’s superior, upper-class sister; the Curator Mascara, which retails for a combination of different bank-busting prices.



The 4DAmplifier™ brush is a clever combination of two separate brush designs. Together, this innovative mascara claims to deliver length and volume to the lashes, as well as a lifted look with definition too. I really like how Hourglass have stated that this mascara will reach those smaller, harder to reach lashes as well, whilst also promising many other benefits.

To be fair, there isn’t much to say about the formula of this product because I think the release of this mascara is purely concentrated on the innovative 4DAmplifier™ brush design itself. Although, Hourglass has said that this mascara will have a smooth, weightless and buildable formulation – so we will indeed just have to wait and see.

Since ordering the Hourglass Caution Mascara online and receiving it through the post a few days later, I must tell you that I have literally worn this product every single time that I’ve chosen to wear makeup – just to see how it really performs.

The formulation is thick, gel-like and with that just a little bit too sticky in my opinion. You are able to create much fuller, thicker looking lashes with the use of this mascara very quickly, although it will build up and leave excess formula on your lashes, so please bear that in mind.

With having just a slightly stickier consistency, I must say that the Caution Mascara does dry down pretty rapidly to be fair – which is why I can’t entirely agree with that “buildable” claim that is in the description. I feel as though you have to work quite quickly with this mascara, as my lashes certainly become quite crisp and dry all of a sudden. I do like to have a little bit of play time with my mascara, so this factor isn’t entirely ideal for me, although, it is handy for if you need to apply your mascara quickly but still achieve a very intense and dramatic lash look!

After applying 2-3 coats of this mascara, my lashes will appear beautifully lengthened and volumised. They are clumpy and a little bit messy in appearance, although I actually quite like that look. With regards to wear, I must tell you that I am very impressed. My lashes kept their lifted, eye-opening appearance literally throughout the entire day. There was a little bit of fallout but then ‘who can blame it’, because I probably rubbed my eyes anyway. Was this mascara a nightmare to remove? Hmmm, perhaps, although it isn’t anywhere as bad as a waterproof mascara that’s for sure!!! Overall, I could only say that this is a nice mascara! Yes it has a few imperfections here and there that I would personally like to see different, although it is a mascara that gives length, volume and definition – just like Hourglass claims.


Love, Jess


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