The ultimate formula?! Moprhe 35P Plum Eyeshadow Palette (Review)

Are you a makeup enthusiast?!

Would you consider yourself a lover of eyeshadow?!

Well, makeup lover or not, Morphe is a brand that I would 100% recommend to each and everyone of my lovely followers.

Whether you are on a budget or like to spend a small fortune on a decent eyeshadow palette, I know that the formulation of Morphe shadows takes some beating.

They are smooth, they are PIGMENTED, and more than anything – they blend out extremely well!
You can combine Morphe shadows together, and even layer and build them… they are incredibly versatile.

*Please note that these swatches were placed on a clean, dry arm and photographed in natural sunlight.*

Plum shadows and purple tones are colours that I always really enjoy playing with. I know purple is a great colour choice for both blue and green eyed boys and girls, as it enhances the natural tones and really makes one’s eyes pop!

The Morphe Plum 35p palette is an amazing product to turn to in my opinion for a number of different reasons. 

Firstly, the price point. Like many (if not all) of Morphe’s products, this product is exceptionally well priced and valued! For the level of pigmentation that these shadows give, along with the stunning formulations of both mattes and shimmer, you really are getting a bargain with any Morphe palette that you buy and THAT my friends is the truth… believe me. 

Would I recommend the 35P Plum palette by Moprhe… Well, yes, of course, I would!! 

It offers great pigmentation – especially for this brands price point, as well as offering one of the best eyeshadow formulations on the market! Morphe is a great brand to turn to for if you are not bothered about the packaging of a product but just want something that is reliable, good quality and easy to use.


Love, Jess

*P.S – See me wearing this palette over on my Instagram – @Jellybluesblog*


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