*NEW* TooFaced Born This Way Sculpting Concealer (Review)

Meet TooFaced’s answer to a multi-use product that can conceal, contour, highlight and retouch!!!

The new Born This Way Sculpting Concealer is available in 20 shades! Ranging from swan which is the lightest, all the way to cocoa which is indeed the darkest, there is a good array of shades in this collection in my opinion. Although, the more the shades the better!

To begin my own journey with the new Sculpting Concealer by TooFaced, I went for the shade Snow. Snow is one of the fairest shades currently available – next to Swan, of course. Although, Snow is the shade that is better suited to a peachier fair skin tone just like mine.

TF Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer – Very Fair • TF Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer – Snow

With an oil-free formulation that claims to be weightless whilst also hydrating, your skin is supposedly never going to be dry nor cakey when wearing the Sculpting Concealer by TooFaced.

WOWEE, what a whopper!?!

This products large 15ml packaging is very attractive in my opinion. As someone who always likes to feel as though I am getting more value for my money… I must say that this product definitely delivers and meets this aspect beautifully. You can happily use this product as a mix-in to add a little extra coverage OR you can simply use this product in specific areas, where you feel you need it most. I must say that I really appreciate the diversity of this product. As a concealer, you can easily use this product to brighten, highlight OR even spot conceal… Going one step further, however, by using this product to contour – I know that they always recommend two-three shades darker than your natural complexion colouring. Personally, I can’t say that I have ever used this product in-particular to contour, although I would expect it to work pretty well if the thick, rich yet easy to blend formula is anything to go by.

The new TooFaced Born This Way Sculpting Concealer is a thickly formulated product. With such a rich formula, however, I must say that this product doesn’t actually need setting?! Maybe a little finely-milled powder if you really want to, although, I wouldn’t call it entirely necessary. As a concealer though, I can’t say that I am a huge fan of the overall appearance and feel of this product on my under eyes BUT then I do like the finish of this product when a little is applied and lightly blended in with the use of the RealTechniques Expert Concealer Brush! If you like to wear a fuller face of makeup then I would highly recommend this product for spot concealing, as it is very effective in my opinion. When I recently went to a TooFaced event and there got my makeup done by the TooFaced makeup artist – who was running the event – I must tell you that the coverage looked phenomenal when she used this in conjuction with the TooFaced Born This Way Foundation.


Love Jess



    • jellybluesblog
      22/09/2018 / 07:16

      The coverage is phenomenal isn’t it! I just wish this didn’t make my under eyes quite as heavy but that’s me and my drier skin type for you! 😂

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