*Christmas Exclusive* Kylie Cosmetics Chill Baby Eyeshadow Palette


"Tis the season" and Kylie Jenner certainly hasn't delivered disappointment with this years Christmas inspired eyeshadow palette. Featuring 14 glistening pressed powders there is a delightful combination of both matte and shimmer eyeshadows in the Chill Baby palette, with also just a few metallic/ glitter shades as well.

From the modern yet somewhat basic packaging which is beautifully coloured in a season-appropriate ice blue, I really admire how Kylie has subtly adapted the design of this eyeshadow palette to fit the festive season.

kylie cosmetics chill baby palette2 jellybluesblog

With regards to the eyeshadow formula itself, I feel that I must say that I know I am already a fan of the Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow formula; based on palettes that I am lucky enough to own and use on a regular basis.

kylie cosmetics chill baby palette1 jellybluesblog

The Chill Baby palette features a beautiful collection of shades in my opinion. Don't get me wrong they are not unique shades as far as I am aware nor do they scream individuality! They are, however, beautifully pigmented shadows that offer versatility and creative freedom. Whether you want a flat matte look or something totally sparkly and extra-dimensional, you can achieve all with the Chill Baby palette.


The formula of these eyeshadows is not totally perfect in my honest opinion. They do kick up in the pan and they do need the excess tapping off to avoid as much of that dreaded fallout as possible! Fallout aside, I must say that I do really like this palette and am really happy to have it in my makeup collection. It has a gorgeous collection of shades that are wearable yet also versatile enough to dress up! The packaging is lightweight, sleek in design and just a really handy palette to reach for in general. The shades blend out really easily (fallout aside) and metallic shimmers/ glitter shades look GORGEOUS when generously pressed onto the lid with the use of your finger.


What are your thoughts on Kylie Cosmetics?

Love Jess


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