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About the girl behind Jellybluesblog

Hi, my name’s Jess, I’m twenty-two years old and I’m the person behind!!!

So, what exactly do I do, well.. I’m more or less a full time blogger, with the exceptions being freelance design and computer based work. I live in the UK and I have a slight addiction to buying make-up; so much so that my blogging journey began around the time of April 2015. As you can imagine, I buy and try A LOT of different make-up and beauty related products – so in a way it made sense to create a blog based around beauty – just to share those products with you!! Along with beauty, I also occasionally like to share more personal lifestyle posts, fashion related ones and every now and then some baking ones too.

Please feel free to take a good look around my blog, ask me questions in the comments below or just simply admire the products that you love!