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• All opinions and views shared on Jellybluesblog.co.uk, are provided by myself (Jessica Pole). Everybody has the right to their own opinions and views, and these are mine. My thoughts are shared for information, enjoyment and reviewing purposes only.

• If ‘This post is in collaboration with…’, is written at the top of a post, then I have been gifted the product/s featured – with the intentions of a review on Jellybluesblog. If ‘This post has been sponsored by…’, is written at the top of a post, then I have received payment for that post. Please note, that my opinions and views are always my own and are always 100% truthful and honest.

Working with Brands/ Companies or Bloggers

• This blog (Jellybluesblog.co.uk) is PR friendly, which therefore means that I’m happy and enjoy working with brands, companies and in different circumstances bloggers also.

• A company or brand can never dictate wording or terminology on Jellybluesblog.co.uk, nor can a company or brand dictate wording or terminology in sponsored posts or collaborations. I hold the right to the creative freedom over my writing, and will always have the overall say as to what is published on my blog.

• When working with a company or brand, I can never be held to a deadline – unless discussed otherwise.

• No paid follow-links are available on Jellybluesblog.co.uk.

• Sponsored posts come with a fee, prices vary – please contact for further details.

• Content is not available for review before being published, not even for a sponsored post – unless discussed otherwise.

• A sponsored post or collaboration will ALWAYS be stated on the individual blog post/ page.

• I hold the right to remove/delete any content that has been previously published on my blog. This includes company/brand collaborations and sponsored posts – it’s something that VERY rarely happens, but I have to make you aware of my right.

Affiliate Links | Adverts

• (Similar to the majority of bloggers), I share a number of affiliate links on my blog, including ShopStyleCollective. These links earn me a very small commission, meaning that, Jellybluesblog.co.uk therefore uses cookies.

• (Similar to the majority of bloggers), You’ll notice a few different adverts on my blog, these advert again earn me a very small commission.


• The photography, editing and overall display of products, (including the appearance & contents of my blog), remains my overall decision.

• All photography shared on my blog is usually created by myself. If however there comes a time where I have to share photography/artwork that I haven’t created, I will always give full credit to the artist, designer or photographer within that post or page.

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