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Hi Everyone!

Today’s post is going to be about Lush bath products I purchased a couple of weeks ago..


So with bath bombs, etc. I like to use these maybe once a week as I am an everyday shower type of girl and baths for me are more of a one off relaxing soak rather than a wash. Obviously you will see this post as fully complete but for me I will be coming back and adding to this post over the duration of using these bath bombs. 


Here are all of the bath bombs and bars I got in my Lush haul

Starting with the Think Pink 90g Bath Bomb RRP: £2.65

IMG_1885 IMG_1886

IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1894

I really like this bath bomb, it is definitely one I will be purchasing again. The scent of this is incredible, its a sweet like scent although it isn’t sickly. I also found that this bath bomb seemed to last for ages, by this I mean it fizzed away as a ball like shape for quite a while, with the coloured flowers also fizzling away. As you can hopefully see from within my pictures, inside this bath bomb are tiny little pink hearts (that do melt away after your bath), which appear as the bath bomb fizzles away, when it does eventually disappear these hearts sink down to the bottom of your bath. After my bath I could smell the gorgeous sweet flowery scent on my skin and even when I went downstairs to my mum she said to it was very lovely also!


I then enjoyed the georgous Sunnyside Bubble Bar RRP: £3.75

 IMG_4234 IMG_4236

    I also really liked this bath bubble bar, it smelt incredible!! I would probably repurchase this again if I was in a Lush shop having a little spending spree. With this you crumble (with your hands/fingers if you like) the bubble bar and sprinkle it under the running water. Also with bubble bars you can use really as much as you want. I noticed with this the more you move the water around the more bubbles you can create, and even after you have ran your bath!

IMG_4244 IMG_4247

This bubble bar itself is so glittery, you expect it to affect the water but this makes your bath in colour a watered gold with then shimmery and bubbly water.


Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb RRP: £3.35


IMG_2039 IMG_2038

This bath bomb has a very classy, almost soapy but flowery scent, it sort of reminds me of a nice potpourri. As you drop this into your bath it instantly starts to fizz. I did pick up my bath bomb to picture very soon after dropping it into the water and as you can see as the bath bomb itself dissolves away the dried flowers comes out and float to the surface of the water. This bath bomb as you can probably expect does not really affect the water, it only gives it a refreshing and elegant scent with then a slightly white and cloudy look.

 IMG_2050-2 IMG_2053 IMG_2055

As you can see I like my baths to have colour so I have added some of my Lush comforter bubble bar at this point… 

The one thing I really love about the Tisty Tosty bath bomb though is of course the dried flowers, I just feel these are really lovely floating around in your bath, they create a very special, relaxing and soothing feeling.


The Comforter Bubble Bar RRP: £4.75

IMG_3889 IMG_2044

So just like the Sunnyside bubble bar you first have to crumble the amount you want with your fingers and place it under the running water.  As I was using the Tisty Tosty bath bomb also I didn’t want to use loads of this so I only broke off a small amount, just to add a hint of colour to my bath.

IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2049

I think this is one of my personal favourites when considering scents and smells.. this smells INCREDIBLE! It’s a scent I definitely recognise but it just hasn’t clicked yet… I think its a strawberry refresher sweet though (if you do know the smell please comment below and put me out of my misery!). 


and lastly…

Fun – Pink 200g RRP: £5.00

IMG_3892 IMG_3893

So I was in a Lush store when purchasing all of these little beauties and I have to say I saw Fun and thought it looked quirky and a little bit different so I decided to pick one up. This is certainly something I have never seen, used or had before, but on the packaging it describes, ‘Fun, what a softy, Jam packed with the fruity, candy smells of childhood, 4 in 1 – play, wash in the shower or in a bubble bath and even wash your hair’. This definitely has a very sweet scent and also leaves that scent on your skin afterwards! I personally wouldn’t use this to wash my hair but only for the reason being that I have coloured and quite temperamental hair (it knots and gets cotty very easily if I don’t use the shampoo and conditioner it likes!) but in terms of washing this creates a baby pink creamy texture and bubbly foam.

IMG_2060 IMG_2061

I would say this product would be perfect for youngsters in particularly, I think it would definitely encourage bath time for those that hate it as it is literally play dough for water that you can actually wash with after having fun with!

Thank you for reading

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    • jessicapole
      11/06/2015 / 17:56

      Aw! thank you so much, I am very grateful! and look forward to answering your questions 🙂 x

  1. 09/06/2015 / 19:34

    These all sound amazing! I love how pink the Comforter turns the bath water, so fun! I’ve only recently started trying Lush bath products, I used the Dragon’s Egg bath ballistic and loved it! You’ve given me some inspiration of what to pick up next 🙂 Thanks for sharing, x Krista

    I’d love it if you’d take a look at my blog if you have the time! xo
    http://www.lovekrista.com | bloglovin’: Love, Krista

    • jessicapole
      10/06/2015 / 13:11

      Aw I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, I love using and trying out Lush bath products! ooo the dragon’s egg ballistic does look amazing, I really want to go to the Lush in Oxford Street there looks so many cool things there!! 🙂 thanks for your comment and your blog is lovely, I love your colours and theme plus your photography is great!! 🙂 xx

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