Lush Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar

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With in the UK the colder weather slowly creeping in theres nothing nicer than a nice warm bath and a lovely Lush product to keep you company.

This weeks Lush review is on the gorgeous reusable pink flamingo bubble bar.


Lush Reusable Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar (Lush.co.uk, £5.95)

I purchased this from my local Lush store in town… so I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, as I don’t know if it is sold online too.

Like I said in my previous Lush post last week: (The experimenter Lush bath bomb review) if your not able to get to Oxford Street, London then I would recommend for you to follow your local Lush store on Instagram (if they have one) and therefore you can keep an eye out on there current stock, as you may be lucky and see some of those exclusives available in there!


This bubble bar smells so so nice! To me it has a sweet and florally scent that actually isn’t that over powering.

It is also made up of two bars; inside is an orange, which is a more sweet and florally scent and then on the outside the more subtle sweet pink bar; that leaves a pale pink colour in your water.


As you have probably heard before these types of bubble bars are reusable, which basically means after running them through your bath you can then set them aside and use them again in the your next bath with them still keeping there form of shade and smelling just as great.

With this bubble bar I managed to get 3 baths out of it but then I would like you to know that I didn’t over use this and by over use I mean I didn’t sit for ages running it through the water or tap and therefore I only got a few bubbles and a mild colour.


For some reason the lighting in this picture has decided to turn quite yellowy but in life my bath had turn a light pale pink and gave a few bubbles.

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