Easter Lush Haul | 2016

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No one quite takes advantage of seasonal products & merchandise like Lush. I mean each celebratory season we see an array  of bath bombs, bubble bars, fun and shower gels each designed to the season in question. At this time of the year with it of course being Easter, Lush have brought out a gorgeous collection of their usual bath products. I noticed a few of these on different people’s Instagram’s, to which I headed over to Lush’s website and made a little order.


Here are the bath goodies that I managed to pick up:
Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt
So I believe I saw the golden egg bath bomb around last year but unfortunately never got holt off one myself. When it comes to Lush products I love a good bit of sparkle and glitter so of course when I saw this in stock I had to have one straight the way. I must say that I was quite surprised as to how big this is, I mean I expected quite a large egg shaped bath bomb but actually it is fairly on the petite side. The scent of this bath bomb at first reminded me of citrus flavourings but then it does include fruity orange oils so that probably explains it. This bath bomb is also toffee and chocolate scented, which I have to say I don’t get the straight the way but there is definitely an essence of those flavourings around in the overall scent.

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is definitely an essential for anyone who loves a bit of pink and rose scented things! It also contains Sicilian lemons and floral geranium oils – which all add to the initial rose scent. Rose petals also appear as this bath bomb fizzles away, which I really like the sound off. 

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb
Oooh this bath bomb is good! If you like sweet scented things let me tell you know you are going to love this! As it gives your bath water a hot pink finish the sweet candy floss scented bath bomb also holds tiny candy flowers which apparently spin around in your bath too. Smelling this bath bomb right now it reminds me so much of the popular Christmas classic Snow Fairy scent by Lush.

Which Came First? Bath Bomb
I want to just begin with saying that this bath bomb is huge! It is £6.95 so you know quite rightly it should have more to it than the usual bath bombs about do but honestly I think this is one of the biggest bath bombs I have ever seen by Lush –  (don’t quote me on that though).The scent of this bath bomb is a mixture of citrus’y and florally fuchsia flavourings and on Lush’s website it does say that you can either break this bath bomb up to use over a few nights or for a real special occasion use the entire thing.

Bunch of Carrots
Again this is a bubble bar on the fairly steep side when considering the price, as this is £6.25 however you have to consider that this is a reusable bubble bar and it contains three separate carrots – so you can easily break one of the carrots off and save the other two for a little while in the future. The scent of these bubble bars will give your bath (and bubbles) a mixture of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils and of course brings a festive Easter spirit to your relaxing bath time!

Ladybird Bubble Bar
The scent of this bubble bar (yes, you heard me correctly I too thought this was a bath bomb at first) reminded me of the flavourings of blackcurrant but it wasn’t until I went onto Lush’s website and found out that this ladybird shaped bubble bar contains the ingredients of sweet geranium oil and peppermint oil. So in all the actual scent of this bar should quite rightly be a flowery menthol mixture.

Flowering Tea Reusable Bubble Bar 100g
When I first saw this bubble creating Mother’s Day special bath product I was very intrigued, as this is a teabag shaped bar stuffed with fresh ‘exotic blue cornflowers, sunny orange flower absolute and rich rosewood’. The flowering tea is also a reusable bubble bar, so feel free to use this once, twice or three times if you like. Not only is the gimmick of this bubble bar an excuse for me alone but this also contains the ingredients of nevoli and rosewood oils, so actually this bubble bar turns out to be great for your skin too!!

Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar
Whilst browsing away on Lush’s website I came across the limited edition bubble bar; Wonder Woohoo. This smells incredible! It has a gorgeous citrus and sweet scent that is finished in a beautiful sparkly golden glitter.

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 Which are your favourites from within this Lush haul?

Thank you!
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    • jellybluesblog
      23/03/2016 / 09:36

      Oh no, have you tried online? That’s where I got most of these from.

    • jellybluesblog
      21/03/2016 / 11:15

      Well I think it does! 🙂 I mean it’s that gorgeous candy floss scent that snow fairy has xx

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