John Frieda BEACH blonde Shampoo & Conditioner

Before I begin I wanted to just say that I have in fact tried this duo of shampoo & conditioner before, which if I remember correctly I ended up really liking how it left my hair feeling.

John Frieda Beach blonde hair care3

Recently I was very kindly sent these two lovely products (along with a couple of others) to try and share with you all on my blog.

With reading the description label on the two products themselves, I can tell you that this shampoo is for cleansing thirsty, heat-damaged hair and it is also infused with energising mint. The conditioner explains to be used for untying knots and snags, detangling, calming and soothing dry, snarled hair – with this also being infused with energising mint.

John Frieda Beach blonde hair care1

With using these two products I can tell you that these each washed through my hair very easily and with a refreshing mint’y aroma in the air. After washing my hair I do usually have to use some sort of a detangling spray (on towel-dried hair – to help get a comb or brush through), however with going straight in with an anti-pull comb my hair brushed through very easily with no big cots or tangles, which I guess is from the shampoo including detangling properties. After blow-drying my hair it felt very full, smooth, healthy and clean. It also straightened pretty easily and quickly without loosing the full volume or healthy shine. So with moving on from the review of these two lovely products there is also a part of me that wants to just say that I feel these two products together would be perfect for taking away or travelling, as they hold detangling ingredients – so that’s one less bottle to worry about! They are also lightweight, fairly manageable in size and really easy, quick and straightforward to use.

What do you think to these hair care products by John Frieda?

Thank you!
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* The products within this post were gifted to me with the intention of a review on jellybluesblog.co.uk - as always my thoughts & opinions are 100% honest and my own. Enquiries; please email me at: Jellybluesblog@gmail.com


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