John Frieda 7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment

John frieda 7 day volume2

Recently, I was kindly sent the John Frieda 7 Day Volume in-shower hair treatment through the post. As well as being very generously sent this product to review I was also sent the Beach blonde shampoo & conditioner duo which I have also reviewed here if you would like to check that out. Volumed, thicker and fuller hair is one of those things that you are either naturally blessed with or it takes products and treatments to help create a version off. John Frieda have come up with the 7 days of volume – which is an in-shower hair treatment. It is described to contain protein & keratin which is of course said to be good for your hair, boosting polymers, thickening fibres and to give hair a semi-permanent visibly full, touchably soft amplified hair thickness for up to 7 days.

Day 1: After shampooing & conditioning just like usual I squeezed the excess water out of my hair (whilst still in the shower) and then applied 3 pumps of this product with concentrating in-particuarly on the roots and mid-length of my hair. This product is a thickish cream which goes into the hair easily and of course washes out thoroughly too. It does leave wet hair feeling quite heavy in texture but once you have blow dried it your hair returns to it’s usual weight, with it also leaving hair pretty easy to style and manage. After styling my hair I did find it to feel slightly thicker, nothing overly different but never the less this product did give my hair more body and a fuller finish. By the end of day one my hair still felt fuller and looked slightly more volumized in appearance. Over the following 7 days I washed my hair a further two times with following up to it’s third wash by the seventh day. Over this duration and with washing my hair it did loose the texture it once had slightly, but with saying that I can say my hair still had more body than it did before first even using this product.

Overall I would say that for those of you who have thinner, flatter hair then this product would be worth giving a try; I mean it’s always going to be difficult to say for sure whether this product is good or bad as we each react differently to products with some working well and some not working at all.

John frieda 7 day volume

What are your favourite John Frieda products?

Thank you!
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