John Frieda Go Blonder (In-Shower) Lightening Treatment

john frieda goblonde shower treatment

A little while ago I was very kindly sent an assortment of John Frieda products to try out and share with you all on my blog!

Those products include:
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As I’m sure you can probably tell this product was too amongst those which I was sent. Since, I have used and of course tried the go blonder in-shower hair treatment, and so have for you today a review of how I have got on using this product, with also having some before & after pictures to show you.

john frieda goblonde shower treatment 3 john frieda goblonde shower treatment 2

The description of this product states, ‘in just one wash, our lightening treatment will instantly soften dark roots and lighten blonde tones for a natural look’.  It is to be used in the shower – in one go (meaning you use this entirely and do not save any for a later date).

Once taking off the capped plastic safety tab I squeezed as much of the shampoo treatment straight onto wet hair, with then using my hands to message the treatment into my hair with concentrating on my roots especially. The shampoo treatment itself comes out of the two nozzles; with one being a thinner yellow liquid and the other being a thicker white. The two formula’s combine together and then message into wet hair very easily and straightforward, there is also more than enough product to cover my hair – which I would describe as normal/thick, mid-length. After the duration of 5 minutes I washed this out of my hair thoroughly and put my hair in a towel – I didn’t follow with shampoo & conditioner as mentioned in the instructions.

John Frieda blonde shower treatment beforeJohn Frieda blonde shower treatment after

(Taken on an iPhone 6s – within 30 minutes of each other, in natural lighting)

As you can see from within the two before & after pictures above this product very slightly lightened my hair, partly in different areas rather than all over I do have to say. After blow-drying my hair I can’t say texture wise it felt any different, in terms of it making my hair oily or greasy in appearance and touch, so that’s definitely one positive about this product! Obviously this product isn’t an alternative to colouring your hair nor would I personally rely on this to colour and lighten my hair, as really and truthfully it hasn’t made that much of a difference in the appearance of my hair colour. Perhaps using the GoBlonder shampoo & conditioner regularly along with one of these every once and a while would give a more successful result, as of course those products will work together with containing similar ingredients. Overall I am very pleased to have been able to try this product, as it is very simple, quick and easy to use.

What do you think to this product?

Thank you!
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* The product within this post was gifted to me with the intention of a review on jellybluesblog.co.uk - as always my thoughts & opinions are 100% honest and my own.
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