John Frieda Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo & Conditioner

John frieda colour renew shampoo & conditioner2John-Freida-colour-renew-before-and-after

Before – After

For a long, long time now, I’ve had coloured hair. With that colour mostly always being some sort of blonde shade. If you’ve dyed your hair blonde before then you would know already that after some time the colour can fade, get sun-damaged or just become naturally a lot brassier and yellow’y in tone. For this I have tried quite a few different methods to help prevent the brassiness or just to simply care for my blonde dyed hair, as it’s not as simple as whacking on a colour and hoping for the best. You are suppose to care for your blonde hair regularly, which is why I was very happy to have received this duo of colour renew and tone-correcting shampoo & conditioner in the post. This lovely duo is by; John Frieda, which is a brand that I’ve definitely heard of before and with that have DEFINITELY tried and used many of their products! The shampoo part to this duo is to be used on of course colour-treated blonde hair, as the tone-correcting element to this shampoo supposedly neutralises brassiness – which can definitely occur if blonde hair isn’t cared for correctly. Pairing up, is the tone-correcting conditioner, which is to be used as a follow up after the shampoo part. Just like the shampoo, it offers and treats the hair by helping to neutralise and banish brassy tones, as it’s formula holds an optical brightener, with also lavender. After using this duo on and off for the past couple of weeks, I can’t say that I’ve noticed a hugely massive different but with saying that and with giving these products a fair shout, my hair wasn’t re-dyed all that long ago! I have also noticed from looking at the before & after pictures that my highlights have grown and my roots have without a doubt made an appearance! With my hair growing my highlights have blended more into my natural colour, as it has remained white’y blonde in tone and hasn’t (as of yet) turned brassy. Now, even though the scent of this isn’t important, I wanted to just mention that these smell really nice too, as it’s quite florally but it isn’t sweet and it doesn’t smell of lavender either. Overall, I would have to say that if you have colour-treated blonde hair then I would recommend for you to try these two out, as they aren’t hugely expensive, they make your hair feel soft and smooth and they potentially care and maintain for blonder, less brassier tones.

John frieda colour renew shampoo and conditioner

What do you think to this duo, will you be trying them out?

Thank you!
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