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*This post is in collaboration with Neal & Wolf.

A short time ago, I purchased four Neal & Wolf hair care products (on Beautybay.com), and found their quality to be amazing, along with the products themselves smelling absolutely gorgeous. Which is why, when Neal & Wolf got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago, I was delighted and quickly excepted their kind opportunity of trying out a product from their NEW Elysian Home & Spa Collection.

Neal & Wolf very generously sent me one of their NEW Elysian Revive Hand & Body Lotions, which I’ve been using each and every day since first receiving it!


Neal & Wolf are known for their great smelling hair products. Their products are also free of some potentially damaging and dangerous ingredients, (for further details, please check out their website: ‘Our Product Philosophy‘), and from what I believe they’re also cruelty free – which is of course a GREAT thing to hear about a brand.

Developing their range even further, Neal & Wolf have just recently released a brand new collection, which this time is all about feeling comfortable and happy in your own home. There’s five new products to enjoy from their Eyslian Home & Spa Collection, including a Scented Candle, a Calm Reed Diffuser, a Hair & Body Fragrance, a Hand Wash and finally a Hand & Body Lotion, and within this post I’m going to be sharing with you all, my thoughts and opinions on this new product.


Here’s some facts about the Elysian Revive Hand & Body Lotion by Neal & Wolf:
‘Revive is a rich, non-greasy lotion, which has been designed to quickly nourish and rehydrate the skin’. ‘Neal & Wolfs unique blend of shea butter, red algae and an infusion of passionflower and borage oil combines to effectively soften and smooth hands and the body’.


From using this lotion on my hands and arms each and everyday for a couple of weeks now, I can tell you that this is a very lovely product indeed, and regardless of its affordability, this products feels very luxurious and elegant, and also smells absolutely divine!

As a hand lotion this product is also great to use as an accomplish for hand messaging too, as it carries relaxing and calming ingredients which make the skin soft, supple and very smooth. I also feel like this hand lotion would be perfect to use in the bath – when you perhaps have some soft and relaxing music on, playing in the background and a few delicate candles burning at your side.

This hand lotion has a beautiful, relaxing and calming scent to it that just makes you feel a whole lot more content and comforted when rubbing it into your hands. The cream itself is quite tacky as you first rub into your hands, but takes around 3 minutes to full absorb into your skin, which isn’t too bad at all. The scent is also divine, as it literally smells like a mixture of the spa, shea butter and rather quite floral too. It’s also great as the scent lasts and lingers on your hands for absolutely ages, which carries on the calm, yet relaxing aroma around you!

Retailing at £12.00, I would definitely recommend checking this product out, if what I’ve described sounds like your sort of thing.

What do you think to this product, will you be trying it out too?

Shop: Neal & Wolf Elysian Home & Spa Collection

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This blogpost is in collaboration with Neal & Wolf. The product featured within this post have been gifted to me, with the intent of a review/feature on Jellybluesblog.co.ukAs always, my thoughts & opinions shared within their post are 100% honest and my own. Thank you! Enquiries: Please email: Jellybluesblog@gmail.com

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