Charlotte Tilbury The Colour Chameleon Smokey Eye Kit

During Black Friday, Cyber Monday or basically ‘let’s offer deals for the entire month of November‘, Charlotte Tilbury offered four exclusive deals over four days, and much to my surprise The Colour Chameleon Smokey Eye Kit came available on Saturday morning first thing. The kit is originally priced at £90.00 but THANKFULLY got reduced to £45.00 during the Black Friday event – SO of course I had to snap one up and take advantage of the amazing deal!


L-R: Bewitching Black • Enchanting Indigo • Intoxicating Violet • Gold Digger • Mesmerising Mink

The kit comes with five of Charlotte Tilbury’s best-selling eye shadow pencils, which are each full-size and a limited-edition shade. There’s ‘Bewitching Black’, ‘Enchanting Indigo’, ‘Intoxicating Violet’, ‘Gold Digger’ and ‘Mesmerising Mink’ to choose from, and each shade has been specially designed and created to work with different eye colours! There’s also a very handy duo-ended sharpener included in this kit, meaning of course these pencils sharpen easily and without damage.


Included in the kit:


Bewitching Black

First up we have ‘Bewitching Black’ and this shade (quite obviously) is a deep, matte black, which is designed to suit to any eye colour.


 Enchanting Indigo

‘Enchanting Indigo’ is the second shade, and this is a colour that I would describe as a muddy (black’y) blue. It’s finish is a cross between matte and satin and this is best suited to brown eyes.


Intoxicating Violet

Then there’s ‘Intoxicating Violet’, which is a beautiful vibrant purple colour, with a slight gold undertone and added gold speckles which make it have quite a sparkly finish. This shade has been designed for hazel eyes.


Gold Digger

‘Gold Digger’ is next, and the colour of this shade is one that I would describe as a mix between a subtle olive green and a beautiful khaki green. There’s also hints of speckled gold, which glisten as the shades reflected in light, and this shade has been specially designed for green eyes.


Mesmerising Mink

Lastly, there’s ‘Mesmerising Mink’ and this is one that I reach for more than regularly, as this shade is for blue eyes. To describe it’s colour, it’d say your safest option would be to type ‘mink’ into google images – as it’s literally that colour! but otherwise I’d say it’s a cross between brown, gold and a smokey charcoal grey.


Here I’m wearing Mesmerising Mink mixed with Bewitching Black. Featuring also, some VERY untidy brows!


To conclude, I’d have to say that these eye shadow pencils work like a dream! They apply and glide onto the eyes easily, quickly and VERY pigmented. They are each soft in texture and smooth in application, with also adding a pop of the right colour to your eyes with very little effort. If there’s negative that I have to mention, then this could only be that you have to blend them in and smoke the harsh edges out rather quickly, as these dry and set into place pretty quick! Your also best to use quite a stiff blending brush to smoke these out, as softer brushes don’t really touch the shadow. I would definitely recommend popping into your nearest Charlotte Tilbury store to check these out, and finding the best shade to match you and your eye colour!

What do you think to these set, have you tried any of them before?!

Thank you!
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