Diorskin Star Foundation

We’ve all done it. Walked into a shop with one thing in mind but then been caught out by an array of fancy packaging and special offers. Well, just over a month ago this happened to me. There I was in Boots, innocently looking around, and there, situated just above eye level, the offer ‘ten pounds worth of points’… got me.

After speaking to the lady at the Dior beauty counter, I walked away £32.50 worser off but happily grasping my new Diorskin Star Foundation, in the shade: 010.


Appearance wise, this foundation has it all; A tall & slender glass bottle, with a sturdy and well made dispenser. There’s also a beautiful engraving of DIORSKIN situated on the neck of the lid and STAR written out in sophisticated, bold lettering. This foundation is one that’s made to be displayed, and it’s one that I display with my other fancy bottles of foundation on my dressing table.

diorskin-star-foundation3 diorskin-star-foundation4

To use, this foundation’s also pretty good, and actually it’s one that I turn to quite frequently.

I find this foundation to give my skin a medium coverage – which is build able up to a point, as too many layers and this foundation can appear quite claggy and heavy on the skin. I also find this to brighten my complexion and cover my skin well. It adds a lovely, almost glow to the skin that makes me look and feel more alert and ready for the day ahead. I also like this foundation as it appears quite natural on the skin, as you can certainly see my skins texture underneath. The formula is weightless and perfect to wear throughout a casual or busy day.

Another reason and explanation as to why this foundation is SO popular, is the fact that this looks brilliant in selfies and photographs – So I was told by the lady at the Dior beauty counter. I don’t quite know how it does it, but it doesn’t appear shiny, oily or yellow toned, as it really does balance out the skin, making it appear natural, flawless and very healthy!

What do you think to this foundation?

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