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YES, it’s true. I’ve found a set of DUPES for the legendary and hugely expensive ARTIS brushes.


This beautiful set was JUST, and I say just for a very good reason. Are you ready?…. £19.99! That’s right five brushes, sorry five high performance brushes for £19.99, and ‘where from’ I hear you ask, none other than T K MAXX.


SO first things first, I’ve compared this set of five dupes to my much loved ARTIS Oval 7 make-up brush. I would of course compare each brush to it’s partner in white packaging crime, BUT I’m only blessed with owning one ARTIS brush. So, you’ll have to just take my word for it.

From Space N K the ARTIS Oval 7 retails for £48.00, which is a hefty price compared to my £19.99 set of five.


NOW, you can’t really compare the quality, can you? A £48.00 make-up brush should be sturdy, well-made and just a little bit more classy. If it wasn’t, then there’d be a problem. In comparison the ARTIS brush is better made, it feels a lot more rigid, it’s not as flexible and the bristles are of a finer quality. I also much prefer the domed shape to the ARTIS Oval 7, as compared to the dupes this is easier to work and apply foundation with.

The dupes however are VERY good and certainly not to be sniffed at. They come in a beautiful black and rose gold box, each individually placed in the box and protected by a plastic cover.
It’s fair to say that these brushes definitely make a statement, appearing also very superior to the average make-up brush. They are more flexible and much softer to work with, I mean, the bristles aren’t as coarse as ARTIS nor are they as dense BUT application wise, I wouldn’t really say that it makes too much of a difference.

When applying my chosen foundation, I wanted to compare and test these two brushes out as fair as physically possible, so I decided to apply my chosen foundation on one side of my face with the larger Oval brush (from the five piece set) and then apply the other side of my foundation with my trusty ARTIS Oval 7 brush. In comparison, I found these brushes to apply and blend the foundation in more or less the same. The Oval L brush moved the foundation around slightly, and took smaller circular motions to achieve a much more flawless finish. It’s also quite a difficult shape to work with around the eye area and nose, as it’s quite circular, you can’t really get up close and personal around the inner corners of your eyes BUT then ‘what’s a Beautyblender for’? With the bristles also being slightly smoother and less coarse, it does give a slightly different experience, BUT then I wouldn’t say that the difference in experience is worth spending all that extra money for.


For just £19.99, I think these brushes are a bargain and certainly ideal for a much lower budget. Especially if you’ve been intrigued by the new craze of make-up brush. I can’t really say that these dupes are AS good or better than ARTIS, but then, should they be? Could you imagine if these were better quality! ARTIS charge SO much more money. To conclude, I’d have to say that I still LOVE my ARTIS brush, and with that am still very happy that I took the plunge and purchased it all that time ago. With that, I am also VERY happy to have purchased the set of five dupes, as these too, are brushes that I’m definitely going to use on a regular basis!

What do you think to these brushes?!

Thank you!
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