Jouer Long-Wear Lip Crémes | Shades: Melon + Pétale De Rose

When you begin blogging and start to get involved in the blogging community you slowly become introduced to a whole bunch of new & exciting brands, that otherwise you would never have heard of before., and for me, Jouer is one of those brands.

Regularly, I’d see Jouer products floating around on Instagram, then I came across the odd blogpost and now I literally see their products EVERYWHERE… It’s crazy how you can go from not having a clue who a brand are, to buying one of their products and then trying to figure out how you’ve coped without them for all this time! Truth is, I never really planned to ever purchase any Jouer products, as I never presumed them to be ‘that good’, BUT seems as SO many bloggers post about them, I decided that it was time to add one to my Cult Beauty shopping basket, and try a few shades out for myself.

L-R: Melon – Pétale de rose

For anyone who’s wondering.. I actually got these two shades together (at an already combined price). Jouer lip créme’s are usually £15.00 each BUT these are currently on offer (on Cult Beauty) at £24.00 for the both of them – which is great considering that they’re full size (6ml each) products too!

Pétale de rose

As first impressions go, I was a little shocked as to how small these lippies are. I mean, I can’t say I’m all that familiar with Jouer as a brand, SO perhaps to those of you who are, these won’t shock you – I just expected these to be a little bigger in size.. although they’re not THAT disastrous… I just thought that I’d give it a mention, just in case you like to get your money’s worth!

Packaging wise, I LOVE THEM. The little square lid screws on and off so easily and so precisely, which perhaps sounds daft. I mean, it’s a lid at the end of the day BUT it’s just satisfying to use.. which for me makes all the difference. I also really like how you can see the lip product inside – as it makes storing these A LOT simpler too!

pétale de rose


Moving on to the products themselves. I LOVE THEM – which is something that you perhaps here A LOT from beauty bloggers, I mean there’s only so many words we can use to describe something… HOWEVER believe me when I say these are amazing!

These lip products apply onto the lips EFFORTLESSLY… plus I don’t find them to bleed around the edge of the lips either – meaning no lip liners needed – which is great for those busier weekday mornings! Instead I find these lip créme’s to leave my lips with an elegant, crisp line around the edge OR if you prefer you can easily soften the edge of your lips with the use of your finger (or brush) to make the outer edge of your lips more natural in appearance. One other thing that I really like about these lippies is that they are VERY pigmented and very smooth in texture. Plus once dry, these lip créme’s remain very pigmented, matte in finish and comfortable to wear.

As to the shades, I’d have to agree with Jouer – ‘Melon’ is described as a warm pink nude and ‘Pétale de rose’ is described as a cool/deep-toned rose. Each are matte in finish, and each apply with the same sort of sponge wand applicator.

Overall, I’d have to say that I love these two products. They can be worn separately or combined to create an ombré style of look and they’re each very comfortable to wear and also very lovely to apply. I will definitely be looking out for some more shades of this style of lip créme by Jouer, as they last SO long, as well as being transfer proof and smudge proof!

What do you think to these lip products, have you tried anything by Jouer before?!

Thank you!
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    • jellybluesblog
      23/12/2016 / 16:26

      Aren’t they! I’d never tried anything by Jouer before but these are SO nice! Have you tried anything by them before? xxx

  1. 23/12/2016 / 09:22

    They are so pretty <3

    • jellybluesblog
      23/12/2016 / 09:24

      Aren’t they?! I’m loving them at the moment!

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