A Floral Dream | Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne

As a brand; Jo Malone London has every little detail refined to a tee. From the packaging of the products themselves to the way in which your purchase is gift wrapped and cared for. Shopping at Jo Malone London is an experience in itself, and nothing like a typical perfume store.

On Boxing Day, I FINALLY took the plunge and stepped into the Jo Malone world, as I’d been lusting over the Peony & Blush Suede cologne for absolutely ages!

Jo Malone sells her colognes in two sizes – £43.00 for 30ml and £86.00 for 100ml.
Originally I was going for the 30ml (as £86 is A LOT of money) BUT after a bit of debating, I soon realised that the 100ml bottle size is much better value, especially as I plan on wearing this scent A LOT! SO, with my Christmas money in hand, I headed to the till.

The packaging of this cologne is (blooming) STUNNING! It’s seriously sophisticated, classy looking, luxurious, (clean) modern and just SO beautiful. Even the label is beautifully refined and clutter free. In fact, it’s one of a few bottles of perfume that I own, that sits pride of place on my vanity unit.

The Scent
The scent itself is delightful, as it has a fresh, florally fragrance that almost smells slightly sweet but it’s definitely not heady or overpowering. I personally LOVE sweet, florally scents, so for me, this is the most perfect cologne out there! This is also going to be a scent that I can wear everyday – whether I’m popping into town or going out with my family BUT then it’s also going to be a perfect partner during the summer time!!

What do you think to this cologne, have you got anything by Jo Malone?

Thank you!
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