The Year 2016

It’s crazy to think that I’m sat here writing these very words near the end of December in the year 2016, but when this post goes live it’ll be a day in January in the year 2017. I mean, my mind boggles just thinking about it. HOW has yet another year passed us by?! SO, I’m sat here in my new black velvet pyjamas, having just started making a trifle for myself and my family to enjoy on New Year’s Day… I’ve just took a load of photographs, ready for future blogposts and now comes the exciting time of when I can actually start using the products.

Jouer Long-Wear Lip Crémes | Shades: Pétale de rose + Melon

2016 was a crazy year.. an upsetting, distressing and painful one YES but also a year of exciting days out, lovely moments and some VERY heart felt times. Of course, there’s been many moments in the past twelve months, where I’ve wondered WHY, as I’m sure they’ll be many more to come but live’s confusing.. and no amount of time is going to change this or help any of us figure it out. What else did 2016 bring?! Well, I had some new additions in my family, three in fact… aka three baby Toy Poodle puppies, and right now, I couldn’t imagine life without them, as they each bring with them such joy, such happiness and so much love. I’m also going to be a bridesmaid this year (how amazing is that?!) to one of my closest best-friends, who I’ve known for just under my entire life PLUS I’ll be attending an exciting blogging event soon.. which I’m REALLY looking forward too.

Dior Holiday Couture Collection | Total Glow Nude Palette

Preparing Your Home For Christmas

As for my blog, during the past twelve months I’ve reached and achieved some real mile stones, that each and every day I am honestly so grateful for. Along with this, I’ve also had some amazing opportunities by being able to work with some amazing brands and some amazing people… the blogging community is crazy, never before did I expect such a helpful, caring and lovely bunch of people to join together. It’s sad to not expect this BUT then at the same time, even more lovely that a group of people who all share a similar interest can get along so well. In 2016, I also introduced a shop on my blog (in connection with ShopStyleCollective), which is something that I ABSOLUTELY adore on my blog.. as not only is it incredibly handy for me personally but it’s also great to see others using and taking advantage of what I put together. I guess that’s why I love ‘blogging’ so much, as it benefits and really connects with SO many different people, who actually share an interest in what you do too. It’s an also great way of sharing your thoughts, opinions and views on things that otherwise, you’d have to just keep to yourself.

I also thought a few little blogging goals would be appropriate – even if it’s just to look back on in twelve months time. SO, what do I really want to achieve this year, well, perhaps to work with some more amazing brands – NOW that would be extraordinary! To maybe completely perfect my blog theme, although I doubt this can ever really happen, as my mood and design taste changes all the time! I’d also love to create some more lifestyle themed content, even though make-up posts are really where my interests lay. What else?! Hmm.. I guess, to just create content that people actually want to read, would be my main priority.. Oh, and to also get my hands on some of the new, limited edition products that I’ve seen are coming out soon (but that’s more of an essential).

Maintaining Your Lips This Winter | AD

Overall, 2016 wasn’t a bad year, I mean, it wasn’t an entirely good one either.. but a year I’ll always remember for a mixture of different reasons. Now, we’ve come to the end of the year AND as your reading this we’ll have celebrated and introduced a brand new time in our lives. I just wanted to say, that make 2017 a good one.. tell the person who you love, why you love them. Make that phone call that you’ve been putting off, but most importantly care for yourself. Treat your body right, respect yourself and give yourself credit.. because everyone is special…

What have you learnt about yourself in this past year?! Is there anything that you want to change?

Happy New Year!

Thank you!
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