Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (Review)

         Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think this palette is a newbie?! Instead just a palette that’s pretty difficult to get holt of (especially if your in the UK).

According to the Anastasia Beverly Hills website this palette is in fact one of their best sellers, and with that being the case I HAD to share my thoughts on it with you all on my blog!

To begin, I’d have to say that I adore the packaging of this palette!
The exterior is made out of what I would say is a faux velvet (although I could be wrong). Then sat on the front of the (flip back magnetic) lid is the title of the palette, which is of course ‘Modern Renaissance’, and sat underneath is the also very beautiful Anastasia Beverly Hills logo – which both actually appear to be embossed into the velvet. The colour of this palette is also stunning, as it’s a mix between lilac and pink which I think compliment the shades inside and the idea behind what looks you can create using this palette amazingly well. Inside, there’s fourteen beautiful berry toned shades, which together all compliment each other beautifully… there’s also a large rectangular mirror on the inside of the lip and a very handy duo ended make-up brush sitting in a slot just below the eyeshadows.

Over a month ago, I decided that this palette needed to become apart of my make-up collection because firstly it’s STUNNING and secondly I didn’t actually have anything like it already.

On first use, I loved it! The shadows all work together and compliment each other really well. In fact, I even took it to a blogger event that I went to in London! With or without a tan, the colours appear very lovely against my skin tone. In all, I do really like this palette HOWEVER over the past two weeks, I’ve been using this palette more or less everyday! To really push the shades and experiment with what this palette can actually achieve. Some how I’ve slightly fallen out of love with it… which sounds bonkers I know, I just don’t see it with the same enthusiasm anymore.

Firstly, I HAVE to make sure that I’m wearing an eye primer before using this palette and in all honesty the thicker the formula the better. Without a primer these shadows appear VERY patchy, quite weak in pigmentation and overall not very flattering. Although, saying that occasionally I’ve found these shadows to look quite patchy even when I’d first applied an eye primer?!
When you first put these onto the lids they look great! Fully pigmented, smooth and even but as soon as you begin to blend them out softly with a fluffy brush something happens and the darker shades become faint, the transition between two shades can look patchy and the lighter shades can almost disappear. It’s actually quite disappointing, considering the price of this palette especially.

I’ve also found the eyeshadow’s themselves to have quite a chalky texture, as when you swirl your brush round in the eyeshadows pan a lot of excess powder appears. Although, I couldn’t say that these give a huge amount of fall out… perhaps some of the darker shades do more than others BUT there’s nothing that disastrous in that department.

Overall, I would have to say that I am still happy to have this palette within my make-up collection. Is it an asset? NO but I’m still going to enjoy using it and creating many different berry toned eye looks for many different occasions. I wouldn’t repurchase it if I’m honest but am still happy that I brought it in the first place…. (basically I’m contradicting myself every time).  It’s difficult to say for sure my actual overall thoughts because to be entirely honest, I don’t really know myself! I don’t really understand the whole hype around this palette but I’m still glad to own it myself! I guess, it’s one of those products that you really need to sum up yourself as to whether you need it or not!

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