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On the 25th December 2016, I was woken by the sound of the kettle boiling away, my pooches barking and the delight of brightly coloured Christmas themed wrapping paper sitting underneath my Christmas tree…. Christmas feels like such a long time ago now! As my family settled down and we began to open our presents, one by one, I reached for one slightly small, rectangular box. It had my name on the tag and surprisingly it was actually pretty heavy in weight. As I began to tear away the wrapping paper, the iconic maroon packaging started to appear… Instantly, I realised that this was indeed something by Charlotte Tilbury. With my heart now beating just a little faster and apprehension displayed all over my face, I was so excited, what could this be?! Pretty quickly, I demolished the wrapping paper and the box was soon revealed in all of it’s glory. I open the lid gently, only to find TEN Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks sitting inside!!!! Three months later nearly and I’m still in shock, never before did I think that I would actually ever own a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick vault.

The Packaging

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the stunning work of Charlotte Tilbury. I mean, each one of her products is amazing enough but then there’s the packaging… she just takes the idea of luxurious to a whole new level.

Understandably, some people aren’t that keen on Charlotte’s packaging, as they say that it looks familiar to ‘old lady’ make-up, and (you know) I sort of get where they’re coming from but I actually really really like it, and don’t see it that way myself. For me, Charlotte Tilbury’s make-up is classy looking, sophisticated and very elegant, and I love using it on a normal, casual day or switching my make-up look around and using her products for a more fancy evening look too.

The lipstick vault I have to share with you all is the K. I. S. S. I. N. G collection, and this collection features ten beautiful shades, which each vary in colour but together work as a very versatile and very wearable collection of lipsticks. In this collection there’s an Autumnal appropriate shade, as well as a few which are perfect for the summer and then there’s a good variety of reds and of course nudes – which I’d have to say are perfect for every occasion.

For any normal person this collection of lippies could be more than enough!! BUT for someone (like me) who’s a little OTT when it comes to makeup, I’d have to say that this is a great addition to my make-up collection, and I LOVE owning this many Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, as I now have SO much choice when it comes to choosing one to wear.

What Charlotte Tilbury has to say:
“K.I.S.S.I.N.G is my signature range of lipsticks curated with modern and classic icons in mind. It is a capsule colour wardrobe of backstage nudes to red carpet reds made to suit any skin tone. Perfect, full, kissable lips really do grow on trees…”

To begin I’d have to say that if you don’t already own a lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury, then your seriously missing out. Charlotte’s lipsticks are incredibly smooth, buttery and creamy in texture and just the perfect essential for any ordinary day. They’re not long-lasting I grant you, so if your someone who likes to put their lipstick on first thing and that’s it, then these may not be for you. As a long-wearing, liquid lipstick may be better suited to your needs. If you are however someone who doesn’t mind giving their lipstick a little top up, and refreshing your colour throughout the day then I would definitely recommend checking them out at your nearest Charlotte Tilbury make-up stand.

Top Row (L-R): Stoned Rose, So Marilyn, Penelope Pink, Velvet Underground + Hepburn Honey
Bottom Row (L-R): Love Bite, Coachella Coral, Night Crimson, Nude Kate + Bitch Perfect

The Shades
I’ve swatched them, looked at them carefully and here is how I would describe each of the shades inside this vault.

Nude Kate – Beige Nude
Hepburn Honey – Brown’y Beige Nude
Bitch Perfect – Coral Toned Nude
Love Bite – Vibrant Red (The most perfect Hollywood style red!)
Coachella Coral – Pink Toned Coral
Velvet Underground – Magenta Red
Penelope Pink – Light Beige Nude
Stoned Rose – Brown Toned Rose Nude (My most favourite one!)
Night Crimson – Deep Berry
So Marilyn – Deep Red

SO what does this lipstick vault hold?! Well, there’s ten beautiful shades, which are each made with the iconic K. I. S. S. I. N. G formula by Charlotte Tilbury. Each lipstick also has a satin like finish, although a few shades do appear more matte like than others. Another reason as to why I like the K. I. S. S. I. N. G collection of lipsticks by Charlotte Tilbury in particular, is because these lipsticks are incredibly creamy and buttery to apply! They don’t feel rough or heavy on the lips and they just look so flattering once on. They’re also incredibly pigmented, and they give a very rich, creamy colour. I also love the healthy sheen like glow that these lipsticks give, as it adds a touch of elegance to your lips, whilst also making them appear plumper, healthier and fuller.

What do you think to this collection? Is a lipstick vault on your wishlist?

Thank you!
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