Does it work?! GLAMGLOW PowerMud DualCleanse Treatment

At first, I thought I was seeing things… walking past the ‘GLAMGLOW’ stand in Debenhams totally took me of guard, as I was definitely not expecting to see this brand in the UK, let alone my local Debenhams.

GLAMGLOW is a brand that I’ve heard of many times before.. just never actually tried myself. I’ve seen GLAMGLOW face masks being used on many YouTube videos and by some of my favourite beauty guru’s, and for that reason, I really wanted to give one of the GLAMGLOW face masks a try for myself!
I remember the struggle like it was just yesterday. I was stood there all hunched up, avoiding everyone who walked past, scanning through my Google search results as quickly as possible, trying to discover which mask would be best suited to my skin type and skin problems. I came across a blogger who had been lucky enough to be gifted the whole collection by GLAMGLOW, and based on her thoughts and feelings towards the masks, I decided to go for the ‘GLAMGLOW POWERMUD’ Dual Cleanse Treatment, as this seems to be the best one for my skin type… whether it is or not, I’ll guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

The Mask

‘Cleanse • Nourish • Detox • Purify • Renew’

According to the packaging, this is one of GLAMGLOW’S new masks (which may or may not be true). I suppose it depends on if they have updated their packaging recently or not. This mask is described to be ‘gentle’, which definitely persuaded me to my choice, as my skin is quite sensitive, a little dry and a little temperamental when it comes to using skincare products. This is also a ‘mud to oil’ mask which I have to admit really intrigued me. As your hair and your skin are both naturally designed to absorb oil, and because of which oil is supposedly one of the best types of products to use in either your hair and on your skin – whether this is true or not I couldn’t actually say, as I’m definitely NOT an expert. This mask also states to be hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and non-irritating – which is always a positive with any type of beauty related product.

SO what else? Well this mask also has some pretty complicated sounding ingredients, which I have to admit baffle me entirely. Instead of trying to decode all the smart words in the information booklet that’s included, I thought that it be best to just write them out as GLAMGLOW put it – then it’ll hopefully make it easier to understand (??).

Oilixer – Oilixer is a skin super food, with that being ‘four’ powerful and rare deep cleaning oils which are supposedly non-greasy and fast absorbing.

Claytox – Claytox is a powerful but gentle cleansing detoxification system, which consists of a balanced ‘four’ clay blend, which supposedly provide delicate, pure, cleansed and ultra-gentle skin.

Purifier – The new purifier element features a complex mix of cleansers, astringents and super silky conditioners, which purify the skin to release it from its weekly buildup. Achieving advanced and professional skin conditioning.

Ground Velvet Leaf – ‘Our real velvet leaf is micronised for in-jar steeping, allowing it’s powerfully gentle natural ingredients to steep its incredibly valuable fatty acids, minerals and saponins. Which help nourish the skin, whilst also cleansing and delivering a clean velvety finish’.

The Mask

You are supposed to apply this mask onto clean, dry skin – and I have in fact tried this mask over the top of my make-up at the end of the day, on clean skin and on wet skin too, and the results aren’t too far apart in my opinion, so I wouldn’t really say that it makes too much of a difference.

To apply, you want to put an even (thin to medium) layer of the mask on your skin, making sure that you avoid direct contact with your eyes, and then leave it to dry. After (around) five to ten minutes, you then want to remove the mask with warm water – the warm water will first transform the mask into a deep cleansing oil, which I always like to rub into my skin a little before washing it off entirely with my hands, then to finish, I wash the remainder of the mask off with warm water and a face towel.

My Skin

Quickly… before telling you my thoughts on this mask, I thought that I better tell you my skin type – just to make it easier for you to understand and perhaps work out if this mask is going to work for you.

On a normal day, when the weather in England is not raining, not windy and around 15℃ in temperature my skin is fairly dry on my forehead, around my eyes and on my nose, and with that pretty sensitive too. I have also known dry skin and large pores to show on the sides of my nose and on my cheeks. With dryness and sensitivity, I also have to be careful with the types of products that I use, as my skin can react to products pretty quickly. Some products have also been known to break me out, along with causing my lips to swell and my eyes to water uncontrollably (wow, don’t I sound a catch?!?). In all, I can wear and use a lot of different beauty products but as far as skin care goes, I always like to go for ones specifically designed for sensitivity, dryness and hydration, as these are the areas that I suffer the most with.

My Thoughts

I have in fact used this mask a number of times already, and so far I really like how it feels, what it achieves and the whole process of applying it onto my face and removing it. The texture of the mask itself is grainy and it has a pretty thin consistency too. I also LOVE the scent of this mask, as, as soon as you open the lid, the scent of pear hits you and it smells very delicious indeed. In total, you get 50g of the mask itself, which doesn’t actually sound all that great but as I say, I have used this mask around six times already and there’s still loads of the mask left (perhaps even half?), so price wise, I wouldn’t say that it’s hugely expensive – not by higher-end skincare standards anyway.

After around five minutes of wearing this mask, my skin feels VERY tight, very dry and literally like I’ve just had botox. Not that I’ve ever had botox mind, this mask just feels how I’d expect botox to feel. To put it in perspective, I can’t even raise an eyebrow, without it feeling pretty uncomfortable and my skin creasing like a piece of old leather. It’s also pretty sneaky, as you think this mask is dry from how it looks but if you run your finger over the mask, it stills comes away like a normal cream. SO don’t put on your best frock when using this mask!

When using any mask, I always like to leave them on for the full amount of time. I don’t fully know why and if your actually always suppose to but I want to get the most out of my mask, and I also want as much of the goodness from the mask as physically possible (otherwise, what’s the point?).
SO after ten minutes, I head to the sink, turn on both the taps and combine a mix of warm water in the sink ready to cleanse and wash the mask off. With this one in particular, I take a very small amount of the warm water on a clean face towel and just rub it over my face gently – to soften the mask and help transform it from the mud to the oil treatment. From mud to oil, I then like to gently pat the oil into my skin with my hands and just ensure that my skin is properly covered and the oil is really worked into my skin well. Taking a new, clean face towel I then wipe off any of the excess mask off and finish by splashing my face with cold water.

To conclude, I would have to say that I really like using this mask, as it makes my skin feel very clean and fresh and I just love the scent of the mask itself too! One thing I will say is that this mask doesn’t take away or conceal blemishes, redness or spots – but then this mask doesn’t claim to do that anyway… so you couldn’t really call it a negative that it doesn’t do any of that.

What do you think of this mask, have you tried anything by GLAMGLOW before?

Thank you!
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