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Happy St.Patricks Day ☘️

Would you believe that today I’m twenty-two years of age (yesterday I was twenty-one)… where have the last twenty-two years gone because I certainly don’t remember them?! Today or for my birthday, me and my mum have two VIP seats booked for ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and I’m very excited! I’m going to get one of those Tango Ice Blasts and sit and watch my favourite style of film… Disney! YES Disney on my twenty-second birthday, what could be better?!?
ANYWHOO your not hear to read my life story INSTEAD your hear to read about five primers that I’m currently absolutely loving!

In total, I have eighteen primers in my make-up collection (which isn’t me bragging or anything along those lines – I just wanted to point out that I have tested out many primers and certainly more than five in total). Out of all the primers that I’ve been lucky enough to try, these five are the ones that I continuously turn back to OR reach for if I need my make-up to last well, apply nicely and just look at it’s best.

If you’ve been a reader of Jellybluesblog for a little while already, then you may know that my skin type is dry, sensitive and sometimes a little temperamental – when it comes to different skincare products and make-up. OF COURSE with dry skin, I have to ensure that my primer holds an hydrating factor OR at least one that doesn’t dry out the skin and absorb any oil that may be in my skin.. because I need all the oil I can get!

First Light Filtering Primer

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This primer was an instant winner for me. Since first purchasing it, I’ve been absolutely loving using it.

It’s one of those primers that doesn’t take a whole lot of time or effort to apply plus it absorbs into my skin incredibly quickly. Meaning, I don’t have to sit around waiting for my skin to dry before applying my chosen foundation. This primer also makes my skin feel a lot more hydrated and prepared for foundation and cream based products, which for me is an essential.

One Step Correct

This primer has been a found favourite of mine for quite a while now, and I can’t actually say for sure why I love it so much. It’s just a really lovely primer to apply and use, plus it’s looks incredible. I guess I like this primer so much because it helps my skin with a number of different issues, and by issues I mean slight redness, darker circles and a duller looking complexion. This is also a great primer for foundation, as it really evens out my skin tone,and smooths over a hydrating base ready for liquid foundations, cream based products and even powders too!

Angel Veil Primer

I remember first buying this primer and absolutely adoring it. For a drugstore primer this is definitely a hidden treasure and certainly one that I would call overlooked in the beauty world. The formula is creamy but also slightly silky in texture too, making this primer one that’s really easy to apply and smooth over the skin, but also a comfortable one to wear too. One thing that I have to mention about this primer is that it has a slightly matte feeling to it, which might sound odd but it just makes my skin feel a little matte once I have applied it, and this isn’t something that I ever expected to like. With having dry skin, personally a matte finish is never craved or desired, purely for the reason being that my skin’s dry enough. However I really like this primer for how it feels on my skin but also how it looks too. I also love applying NARS Sheer Glow over the top of this primer, as the matte finish this primer has seems to compliment the dewiness from the foundation, allowing it to apply very smoothly, even and actually pretty flawless too.

Invisible (Under)Cover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer

I’m absolutely gutted, looking at this primer more closely I can see that it’s almost gone, and that means either two things. Live without it from now on or buy a replacement – which is never a fun part when you wear make-up.

This is the primer that I reach for when my skin’s feeling a little worse for wear. When it feels drier than normal and perhaps in need of a good nourishing product. This for me is the best primer that I’ve personally tried for hydration, as it absorbs into my skin effortlessly, leaving it feeling plumper, healthier and more awake I guess. Along with hydration it also provides the ultimate silky base for my complexion, allowing foundation to smooth over and blend evenly but also aiding it to last for as long as physically possible.

the PORE fessional

Last but not least is the one primer that I always turn to when my pores are especially “out there” and in desperate need of some urgent cover up. In all honesty, I don’t like to use this primer over my entire face, only on my problem areas or where I feel my complexion needs ‘evening out’ and smoothing over.

These are my current favourites, perhaps they will change or others will be added in the not so distance future but for now these are the five that I would honestly recommend to anywho who asked!

What primers do you love, I would love to hear some recommendations!

Thank you!
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