NEW PRODUCT – BECCA First Light Priming Filter (Review)

Apart from new bags, embroidered jackets and cosy new bedding, there’s nothing that excites me more than a new piece of make-up to try. ‘Why I get so excited‘ is difficult to answer, as I don’t really know myself truth be told. I just love buying new make-up, receiving new make-up…. and finding it a home within my make-up collection…. if your slightly too enthusiastic about make-up (like me) then I’d like to think that you understand my issue.

A couple of weeks ago, I just so happened to be on the Space N K website… having a little nose around the ‘new in beauty’ section. On there I saw this brand new primer by Becca AND with no legitimate reason I had to have it!
It’s funny how you can get attached to one product more than others – I just really wanted to try this primer out for some reason.

On Space N K at the time, they had a great deal too; ‘spend £60 or more and get £15 off your order’, SO with that in mind AND with also finding another little “essential” that I also wanted to try. I headed to check out, receiving £15 off as I went. My order was delivered in just under a week, and I quickly began to use this primer as part of my normal (morning) make-up routine.

SO what can I tell you about this primer? WELL, it’s said to give your skin a wake up call. “By erasing signs of a ‘bad face’ day, whilst also freshening your complexion and leaving it more hydrated and physically more awake in appearance”. This primer also supposedly “brightens dull skin by instantly refreshing your complexion, as it goes from dull, dry and fatigued to hydrated, healthy and awake”. The cool violet light to this primer brightens dark areas whilst also evening out any imperfections (such as dark circles, slight redness etc.). Included in this primer you have mineral-rich spring water, prickly pear flower and Sodium Hyaluronate, which together capture moisture, hydrate and revive the skin. Ginger then energises the complexion whilst the fresh citrus notes help you to feel more awake and ready, and even though this primer may look violet in colour it actually goes onto the skin with a sheer, almost transparent finish.
(This primer is suitable for all skin tones and all skin types – according to SpaceNK UK)

Firstly, I HAVE to say that I’ve really been enjoying using this primer each morning over the past few weeks! As it feels very cooling when you first apply it onto the skin (but not cold) whilst also seeming to help my skin with it’s usual dryness and dull appearance. I can’t say that I’ve found this primer to be sticky at all but then I wouldn’t really expect it to – I just thought that it was worth mentioning. It has a very smooth and silky texture, which is actually really quite liquid’y. I also really like how calming this primer makes my skin feel… which may not make any sense BUT it just makes my skin feel more relaxed and prepared (is that a thing?!).

The packaging is also a winner for me! As it sits nicely on my dressing table in it’s sturdy, frosted (glass lookalike) bottle – not travel friendly I grant you but then would you necessarily insist it to be?! This primer has a handy and very easy to use pump dispenser, which gives out a reasonable amount of the product itself. On average I use two pumps of this product each day on my face but have known myself to only use one. I guess it depends on how your skin is feeling that day and how much hydration you want to feel. Since owning and using this primer I have been using it each day and everyday, and I can tell you that it’s only made a very small difference to the amount of product inside. SO up to now it seems to be pretty long-lasting. One thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is the scent…….. and that being that I LOVE IT. It has a very sweet scent which reminds me each time of something similar to candy floss. Whether it’s exactly like candy floss I couldn’t say for sure but it definitely reminds me of it. As you apply this primer the scent hits you pleasantly and (literally) each day I smell it and think ‘this is amazing’.

Overall, I would have to say that I’m a huge fan of this primer and I would repurchase it again. Becca isn’t a brand that I’m all that familiar with personally. I mean, I have the ‘Champagne Pop’ highlighter but other than that I’ve never really thought of Becca as a brand of make-up that I need to look into further. After using this primer and loving it’s results, I’ve concluded that actually I need to pay more attention as to what Becca have to offer.

What do you think to this primer, does it sound like your cup of tea?!

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