Tarte In Bloom Clay Palette (Review)

How stunning is this palette? I was lusting after it for absolutely ages, THEN, out of know where I magically received a 20% off discount code to use on tartecosmetics.com (fate or what?!). This palette was one of the first products to hit my shopping basket, followed by a foundation, two lip paints and a shape tape concealer of course!

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This palette contains twelve warm shades… with nine of those being matte shades and the further three being glittery/shimmery shades. There’s also a large, clear mirror on the reverse side of the lid and a gorgeous colourful design printed on the front of the packaging. Overall, this palette is a stunner! It sits beautifully in my collection, whilst also being an ideal travel companion.

Beginning with the application.
I’ve used this palette both with a primer and without a primer, and in all honesty I can’t say that I found to much of a difference with the overall finish and appearance of these shadows. A primer slightly prolongs the intensity of the colour and it does help with the smoothness of the shadows once their on your lids BUT if you didn’t want to use a primer one day, I wouldn’t say that your really jeopardising the look of your eyeshadow.

These eyeshadows are in my opinion slightly chalky, as I do find each shade to give me fall out PLUS they can be pretty patchy in appearance once blended too. To wear, these eyeshadows work well. This palette has a beautiful selection of shades which each compliment each other amazingly well BUT as far as pigmentation goes, I wouldn’t say that this palette gives the best that it can. I find some of the shades within this palette to be a little disappointing… take ‘sweetheart’ as an example. I expected this shade to give me a bright but warm pinky colour to my eyelid, instead it’s actually pretty nude in colour and the shade itself is actually pretty difficult to see.
Another reason as to why I’m calling them ‘chalky’ is that these aren’t in my opinion the easiest to blend. If I apply a deeper shade like ‘rebel’ in my crease, I know that I’ll need an extra few seconds than normal to really ensure that this colour is well blended PLUS I’ll have to ensure that I have a stiffer blending brush all nice and clean and ready to hand.

‘Charmer’ on the other hand is one of my favourite shades! As I’ll turn to this colour even if I’m using a completely different palette. It’s just the best brow bone highlighter – and the best shade for cleaning under the brow area.

On the other hand, I have to say that I really like using this palette. Regardless of the pigmentation, the blendability and the fact that these can be pretty patchy and uneven once blended. I still really enjoy reaching for and using this palette. I guess it’s just a really easy palette to have to hand. As I can literally do my entire eye make-up (forgetting mascara) from this ONE palette, which isn’t something that I can say very often! I’m also a huge fan of the colours inside this palette; as they’re warm and fairly neutral. Which are the shades that I usually like to go for, as I have blue eyes and these colours compliment my eye colour the best.

What do you think to this palette, would you buy it?!

Thank you!
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