WORTH IT?! Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (Review)

Laura Mercier’s loose setting powders are currently “the talk” of the internet… and most importantly the beauty world!
Last month, I decided that it was time to finally try one for myself – as I had been longing to try one of Laura Mercier’s loose setting powders for absolutely ages, SO I decided to just go for it, and buy one! Researching a little beforehand, I soon realised that actually I don’t usually set my entire face after foundation and concealer, instead I only really like to set where I’ve applied concealer and my under eye areas, which is why I went for the ‘Secret Brightening Powder’, as this one’s specifically designed for under the eyes.

(Because) Laura Mercier’s loose setting powder are highly sought after at the moment, and seriously hyped up too. I really wanted to share my thoughts with you all on the product that I decided to invest my money in. As a lot of people are questioning it’s capability – myself included a little while ago, and there aren’t actually many reviews on this product around.

Described by Laura Mercier:
This powder is for ‘setting your under eye concealer which will instantly brighten the eye area’. This powder is also ‘Ideal for all skin types and tones‘.

To begin, I’d have to say that this loose setting powder is INCREDIBLY messy!! Which is unfortunate because with the mess also comes waste, and waste is never ideal.

When it comes to using this product, you can apply and use it in a number of different ways…


You may or may not be familiar with the term ‘baking’. It’s a term that’s fairly new on the scene in the beauty world, and it basically stands for ‘allowing a loose translucent powder to sit on your skin for a number of minutes, which allows the heat from your skin to set your foundation and concealer into place’. After the loose setting powder has been on your face for a number of minutes, you are then suppose to dust away any excess with a large fluffy brush.

NOW I don’t ‘bake’ my under eye area that often, mainly because it can be very time consuming but also because I wouldn’t actually say that I feel the need to it most of the time. When I do feel like ‘baking’ however, I like to use the ‘Miracle Complexion Sponge’ by Real Techniques – as the straight edge of the sponge fits under my eye area ideally. After using this product a number of times, I can tell you that it ‘bakes’ and sets the under eye area really nicely and very smoothly. My under eye areas appear smooth, crease less and actually more or less flawless.
HOWEVER, I do have an issue with this product, and the one issue that I have with this product for ‘baking’ is that it really dries the under eye area and makes it appear very matte in finish. My skin is dry, and that is one thing that I feel you should be aware of. I use a cleanser, toner and moisturiser each and everyday but my skin still suffers with dryness, whether that’s why this product appears so dry on the skin and matte in finish, I could never say for sure. Although it’s nothing to disastrous, and you don’t have to use this product for ‘baking’ anyway.

When I’m not ‘baking’ with this product, I like to dust it over my under eye area with a medium sized fluffy brush, and the brush I like to use to do this with is the Real Techniques Contour Brush (Who say’s a brush has to be for what it’s designed for?). This technique is probably the one that I use the most, as I find this way to actually be the most effective and give the nicest outcome. By sweeping a dusting of this loose setting powder over my skin, I find it sets my concealer into place instantly, with also smoothing out any crease lines from the concealer that I’ve just applied BUT also, I find by doing this it prepares my eye area for the eyeshadow that I’m going to apply to.

What do you think to this loose setting powder by Laura Mercier, will you be giving it a try?!

Thank you!
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