Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (Review)

The Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass has been in line, waiting to make an appearance on Jellybluesblog for absolutely ages… until now of course.
I have been wanting to share my thoughts on this primer with you all for SO long, but unfortunately ran out of my small 10ml sample months and months ago.

I received my first taste of this primer (not literally of course) nearly two years ago, when I visited New York City with one of my closest friends.
During our time there, we made our way to plenty of Sephora stores (living the dream!), and one day I decided to pick up a ‘Sephora Favourites’ value set – which included a small collection of Sephora’s best-selling products (including the Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass).

I remember trying this primer out for the first time and thinking that it was really nice…
Although, I can’t remember exactly my first thoughts on this primer, I know I used it every single day, repeatedly – so I must have thought that it was pretty special?! I also remember feeling absolutely gutted when I ran out of it, as buying luxury, higher-end make-up then wasn’t really my thing.

The Finer Details
To give you a few more details about this primer, I can tell you that it is oil free and it has an SPF of 15.
It also says that it can be either worn alone for colour correction or should be applied over the top of cleansed and moisturised skin, for a very lovely luminous complexion.

For my birthday which has just gone, I very gratefully received a little bit of money – to spend on whatever I like. In fact, if your interested? I have a post all about the hauls that I’ve made lately, including the products that I purchased with my birthday money
‘March 2017 – Hauls, New Products & My Thoughts SO Far’.

Included in the products that I decided to ‘treat’ myself to for my birthday, is an Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.

After using this primer on my skin for the last four consecutive days, I can tell you that the happy memories of using this have returned and I soon realised, why I loved it so much in the first place. As this is now a repurchase, I didn’t see any issue in writing my review for this product straight the way, even though (I know) that I would usually and normally test out a new product for at least a month before writing my thoughts on it HOWEVER I don’t have any negative feelings towards this product and I would repurchase it again and again based on my thoughts so far.

The Packaging
Hourglass just have it… I know their products are expensive but even so, when it comes to packaging, Hourglass just know exactly what they’re doing. Their products appear classy looking, sophisticated, luxurious, mature and just very elegant. I know some people aren’t fond of Hourglass’s packaging, which I sort of get, as it isn’t pretty – it isn’t girly or ‘modern’ but for me this doesn’t matter, as I wouldn’t want all of my make-up to look exactly the same. In fact, I really like Hourglass’s almost retro approach to luxurious make-up, as this makes them very unique compared to a lot of other higher-end brands.

The Veil Mineral Primer follows suit well, as the 30ml version is quite a weighty product, with a gorgeous metallic bronzy brown lid. The formula itself is also visible – which is something that I really like, as with this I’m able to see how much product I’ve used/ how much I have left, etc. The actual bottle is then made out what I could only presume is frosted glass?! Although it could be made out of something else… I just couldn’t say for sure.

My Thoughts
The consistency of the formula, the formula itself and the finish that it gives my skin is just amazing. I don’t have another primer in my collection that gives my skin the same feeling as this does, and that’s coming from a girl who goes a little OTT on buying face primers. To compare this to a cheaper primer (dupe) then PERHAPS the NYX Angel Veil comes pretty close…. but even then these are still years apart because this primer has an unbelievably thin formula which doesn’t feel wet, tacky or sticky in the slightest – in fact, this primer feels dry but then it definitely isn’t drying  – I don’t know it’s pretty difficult to say for sure the actual consistency of the formula of this primer, as it’s a liquid primer but it feels dry…

The texture of the formula of this primer is VERY velvety, which gives your skin a very soft, velvet’y and silky feeling after application – which is nothing like I’ve experience before. It also blends into the skin E F F O R T L E S S L Y, and believe me when I say effortlessly because honestly, this just disappears as soon as your finger tips touch it. Although, I can’t say that I find myself using loads of this! Perhaps, even just one-two pumps on an average day?! Finish wise, this primer brightens my skin tone softly. I mean, the brightness is nothing to write home about NOR would I say that Hourglass could write it down as a main factor BUT it’s there, as I do notice a slight difference once using it. It also gives my skin quite a matte finish, which surprises me, as this isn’t something that I usually like. I don’t know, this just works for me. Especially, if I want to use a luminous foundation afterwards.

Overall, I would have to say that I really like this primer…
It’s one that I enjoy using and like because of the way that it alters the appearance, texture and feeling of my skin afterwards. I also find this primer to really enhance the life of my foundation, with also really aiding the application of the foundation and the way in which it blends and settles into my skin.

What do you think to this primer, is Hourglass a favourite brand of yours? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you!
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