Could this be the best beauty subscription box ever?!

Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box – May 2017

 As first impressions go this was a blooming good one!
I couldn’t believe my eyes because this box includes some of the best products that I’ve ever received in a beauty subscription box, and that’s saying something because I’ve received some amazing products in the past.

It all began after opening the box (obviously) and there sat before my very eyes was a product that I couldn’t take my eyes off!
A TooFaced palette. YES a TooFaced palette (can you guess that I’m STILL excited?). I cannot believe it.
I was actually going to purchase this exact palette when it first came to the UK but after a lot of ‘umming and ahhing’ I decided against it (thank goodness). Regardless of the price, although it does still of course play a vital role in my overall excitement, I am delighted with receiving this palette, meaning that I am therefore also delighted with the fact that I am currently subscribed to the Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box.

Inside May’s box there’s five full-size products. Combining a total worth of £102.47, this is a very cost effective box – because (if you didn’t know already) it costs £35 a month to subscribe. Each of the brands inside are also ones that I’ve definitely heard of before, which is something that I actually prefer. A lot of people say that they like a beauty subscription box because they get the chance to experience and try a bunch of products by a load of brands that they’ve never heard of before but for me, I like knowing the brands, I like knowing their quality, their reputation and having a chance to broaden my knowledge with another product from their already known range.

Dior Diorshow Khol
RRP: £19.50

Besides the glorious TooFaced palette, there was also this chunky eyeliner crayon by DIOR. YEAH DIOR.
This was again a product that got my ‘ooooing and ahhhing’ – because it’s by Dior and I BLOOMING love Dior’s makeup line!

TooFaced Totally Cute Palette
RRP: £32

Need I say any more?! because I’m pretty sure that you’ve already realised how happy I was when I saw this included in the box!

Laura Geller Love Me Matte Lip Crayon
RRP: £17.99

I seem to have a little bit of an obsession with lip crayons at the moment.
Mainly, for the reason being that in-between liquid and matte lipsticks, these bring such a relief to the lips.
Honestly, for those days when your lips are feeling the dehydrating struggle – these types of products are a god send!

Lancome Le Sourcil Pro Eye Pencil
RRP: £19.99

Brows. When will the never ending struggle end. Somedays my brows love me and then others (like today) they hate me.
Finding the ultimate brow product will perhaps never happen (or maybe it will, who knows)…
BUT I will keep searching.

This brow product is duo-ended.
One of the ends is a crayon highlighter and then the other is the actual brow pencil itself.
The brow pencil (or browliner as it’s described here) is said to help with defining and filling in sparse brows, whilst the highlighter is said to enhance the arch of your brows, whilst also brightening the area.

No7 Completely Quenched Body Lotion
RRP: £12.99

As summer is (hopefully) fast approaching, it’s always nice to have a few different body lotions and moisturisers lying around. This one by No7 is said to be lightweight and easily absorbed. Skin is said to be left feeling refreshed, nourished, healthy and radiant. So, for those reasons alone, I am looking forward to giving this product a try!

As I’m sure you can tell already, I am over the moon with this months beauty subscription box by Look Incredible. Recieving a group of good products through the post – as well as one that I was even contemplating on buying myself is extraordinary isn’t it?! Because it’s one thing to get a really nice product in a subscription box BUT then it’s another to get a product that you were actually looking into buying yourself. I am really looking forward to giving all of the products included a try, as I am to add these newbies to my makeup collection!

What do you think to the products included in this months Look Incredible box, have you tried any of them before?!



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