FIRST IMPRESSION: Benefit BIG Sexy Lipstick Set


Here I am with yet another first impression!
If you didn’t catch my first post from this little series that I’m now doing on Jellybluesblog, then I should tell you now, that if your into your skincare and Origin’s product, then it’s one that your not going to want to miss!
(I’ll leave the links to all of my first impression posts below).

Today however, I’m here to share my very first thoughts on the new and very gorgeous BIG Sexy Lip Kit by Benefit Cosmetics.

The kit includes, four of the ‘they’re real! double the lip beyond sexy lipstick & liner in one”.
With those shades being; Flame Game, Pink Thrills, Revved-up Red and Lusty Rose.

Each lipstick is also described as ‘fun-size’, but for all of you more precise of beauty lovers out there, then I can tell you now, that each lipstick has a 0.75g net weight/ which is equivalent to 0.02 oz.

L-R: Flame Game, Pink Thrills, Revved-up Red and Lusty Rose

As first impressions go, I must say that this was a very intriguing one for me, mainly because I’d never seen, let alone used anything like one of these lipsticks before!

They are completely innovative as far as I’m aware, which is why I really wanted to try one out for myself.

Although, when it came to actually buying one of these lipsticks, I came across this cute little set of four, and instantly saw it as the most perfect opportunity to be able to try four different shades for a reasonable price. The set of four lippies comes in a very handy tin, which I have to say doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, because Benefit are a brand that are known for creating unusual but fancy pieces of packaging.

After wearing each one of these lipsticks over a number of days… (but also testing them out as much as possible),
I can tell you my first actual thoughts and an overall impression on them, up-to-now.

Each one of these lipsticks applies beautifully.
As they each have an incredibly smooth formula, which I could only describe as very buttery in texture and quite creamy I guess.

They glide onto the lips effortlessly, delivering a well pigmented colour and smooth and even coverage.
Finish wise, I would say that each one of these lipsticks have an almost creamsheen finish because they aren’t sheer but then they’re definitely not matte either. I guess they’re just very buttery, and this shows throughout in regards to how they apply and what they actually look like once on the lips. The pigmentation is something that I also really like about these lipsticks because they are very pigmented, but it’s nothing to heavy or intense… so your actually able to wear a good block of colour on a normal everyday without it appearing to over the top or dramatic.

I also have to mention the fact that these lipsticks are not long-lasting in the slightest.
Which isn’t something that I expected from these because Benefit have never declared them to be, plus with such a buttery and soft formula, I would be very surprised if they were actually long-lasting. I just felt like I had to mention that these weren’t long-lasting because of that liner element. A lot of the time, we apply lip liner to prolong our lip colour or to have something on our lips that we know if a little more resistant. When it comes to these lipsticks however, you should expect to apply, reapply and then reapply some more.

Now we come to what I would consider as the main factor….
Because it is of course the whole point to these lipsticks and what makes these lipsticks different to every other!

Personally, I would have to tell you that I don’t see the point in the two separate shades in one stick.
I know that of course one is supposedly the liner and the other is the actual lipstick but they have the same texture and the formula of the two shades appears to be exactly the same, as far as I can see anyway. For me, the two shades just seem to blend together and become one overall colour on the lips. Which is great when blending comes to mind, because you wouldn’t want the liner to look separate BUT I don’t see any different on my lips, as there’s no darker lip line and there’s definitely no ombré look going on either.

Overall though, I would have to tell you that I like these lipsticks because they are very comfortable to wear, they are easy to apply and they each look and compliment many different styles of looks. I would however never purchase one of these because of their innovative design, just because I personally have never seen it work although each colour is very pretty and very pigmented. If you are considering trying one of these lipsticks out for yourself, then I would definitely recommend picking up one of these lip kits, as it includes four different shades, which are each a good size in my opinion for the price.

Thank you!
Let me know your thoughts on this lip kit and the lipsticks in the comments below.

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