Is Charlotte’s Magic Cream Really THAT Special?!

Charlotte’s Magic Cream has been a staple in my skincare routine since around Christmas time, last year.
As this was when I received my mini Magic Cream pot, that was included in Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Parties Advent Calendar (2016).

After using my little pot of goodness up (fairly quickly), I very graciously received a GIANT version of Charlotte’s Magic Cream for my birthday, this year.


Here’s the thing.

As I’ve been using this moisturiser continuously since around mid-December/ January time, I’d actually forgotten the reasons as to why I like it so much, and why I choose to use this particular moisturiser daily, instead of one at least a little bit cheaper in price. Back then, I couldn’t think of why I use this particular one – and I realise that this sounds ridiculous. I mean, how could I be using a £180.00 tub of moisturiser but have no idea why?!! For this factor alone, I forced myself to stop using Charlotte’s Magic Cream – for at least two weeks.
In the hope, that as I began to use this moisturiser once again, I would soon discover the actual reasons behind my love for this very expensive product.

In those two weeks that I wasn’t using Charlotte’s Magic Cream as my daily moisturiser, I was toing and froing between a number of different moisturising products, WHICH PERHAPS SPEAKS WONDERS because I was sometimes using two or even occasionally three products in the replacement of this ONE moisturiser….

The day finally came when I could open the glorious lid to Charlotte’s Magic Cream once again, and actually you know, my experiment may have been successful because on the very first use, I saw this moisturiser in a different light and actually saw a few things that I’d never noticed before or perhaps just got used to.

This moisturiser has an incredibly thick, creamy formula, which is very soft and smooth.
It applies and absorbs effortlessly (but not instantly) whilst also feeling very cooling, soft and gentle on the skin. It has an incredible scent to it too, as it smells florally but NOT sharp and definitely not over-powering. I can also tell you that a little goes a long way with this moisturiser – which is definitely a positive with any expensive product!

When using this moisturiser, I find that all of the cream will over time happily melt into my skin, which I have to say reassures me that this product is actually doing it’s job well, as this hopefully means that it’s going into the layers of my skin and really enhancing it’s moisture level and hydration, which is of course what it’s suppose to do, and why I’d choose to use it in the first place.
(Whether this is actually true or not, you know I couldn’t say for sure because I am by no means an expert in this area).

The one peculiar thing that I’ve found when using this moisturiser, and one that I feel I must talk to you about, is the fact that it leaves a slight texture on the skin, and if you were to rub at your skin slightly, little balls of excess product almost seem to come away in your hands and this is something that I’ve personally never experienced from a moisturising product before?!

 With this, I would also have to say that I have to be careful as to when I want to apply some makeup because of that texture issue that I’ve found, it has in the past made my base makeup or foundation appear quite strange and just not smooth or flawless overall, when I’ve tried to place my chosen liquid foundation over my recently moisturised skin.

SO if I did want to use this moisturiser in particular before applying some makeup, then I would have to ensure that I’ve given it a good length of time to really absorb, dry and settle into my skin.

Other than the texture issue that I seem to have come across,
I do really like this moisturiser because it really does absorb and melt into my skin very well. It leaves my skin feeling softer and more hydrated overall, whilst also giving my complexion a really healthy looking glow! I would also have to say that my skin feels a little more firmer and tacky after using this product, but definitely not tighter nor sticky!

If you are interested in giving Charlotte’s Magic Cream a try for yourself… then honestly, start with the littlest pot that’s available, because this is a very expensive product… and certainly one that you want to be 100% sure about when buying. Technically it may be cheaper to go large and spend that hefty price tag to begin with, but you may end up completely despising this moisturiser and then what? Even if you take a visit (out of your way) to a Charlotte Tilbury stand and try a little bit out on the back of your hand, at least you’ll have a little more of an idea on what to expect.

What do you think to this moisturiser?
Have you tried Charlotte’s Magic Cream out for yourself?



    • jellybluesblog
      12/05/2017 / 10:24

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I’m so glad that you found my review helpful! (Let me know what you think of Charlotte’s Magic Cream when you try it!) xx

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