ORIGINS SKINCARE FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Maskimizer Primer & Drink Up Ten Minute Mask

As much as I enjoy writing an incredibly classic review, sometimes, I’d just like to tell you my first thoughts, opinions and an overall impression of a product more or less straight of the way!
Which is why, I’ve decided to create this little first impressions series on Jellybluesblog.

Today, I gave the Origins Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer a go, followed by the very intriguing Drink Up Ten Minute Mask, which is also by Origins.

I first purchased these two gorgeous skincare products by Origins at The Cosmetic Company Store, which is located at Bicester Village, Oxford. The two products (like everything in the store) where discounted, which (‘let’s face it’) definitely helped with my overall decision to give them a whirl for myself.

First step, prime!

Little did I know that priming the skin before a face mask was actually a thing?
As I first picked this product up, thinking that it was some sort of fixing spray or makeup setting mist…
until I read the description of course.

To begin, I washed all of my makeup off with my usual cleanser by Elizabeth Arden and then patted my skin dry with a soft, clean towel. After a few minutes, I lightly sprayed the primer over my entire face – using the same sort of technique that I follow when using a makeup setting spray or mist.
One thing that I will say about this mask primer is that a little really does go a long way because with just three spritz of the product itself, my face was drenched!

More or less instantly,
I went in with the Drink Up Ten Minute Mask – as it doesn’t appear to say any sort of waiting time, in regards to when you should spray the primer and when you should then apply the actual mask.

In my opinion, I would say that the Maskimizer Primer by Origins definitely helped to prepare my skin for the mask which followed. As the gel-type cream applied incredibly effortlessly, as it practically glided over my skin.
Then there’s the scent…. and what a scent it is!
As I was applying this mask pretty quickly, I was instantly hit by the gorgeously sweet smell, which is APRICOT!

I also found the mask to absorb into my skin really quickly, which isn’t something that I particularly expected to be honest – because one minute I had a face full of a white mask but then 9-10 minutes later, my skin was pracitically back to it’s usual state – apart from a few thicker splodges of the cream itself, here and there. To remove those splodges and of course any other excess product that was sitting on the surface of my skin, I simply took a clean, damp (but warm) flannel and patted it over my face, until my face looked and felt completely clean and free.

Overall, I would have to tell you that I am very pleased with the outcome of both the mask primer and the mask itself.
As they were both very simple and easy to use, plus it only took around 12 minutes in time! My skin is now feeling very soft, almost texture-free and a little more plumper I guess, as it definitely feels like I’ve just applied a very intense moisturiser of some sort. I would also definitely consider using this product in particular before putting on a heap load of makeup, as it doesn’t take a long time to actually apply, wear and remove PLUS it leaves my skin feeling a lot softer and a lot smoother – which is of course the most important thing. I would definitely also say that this mask would be ideal for those of you who travel a lot – and perhaps like to use a face mask of some sort whilst actually on the plane, as this makes hardly (if not) any mess at all, which I know is something that I would class as necessity myself!

What do you think of this product, does it sound like something that you’d like to use?!


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