Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadows (Gold Goddess, Diamond Dust & Kitten Karma)

               The current hype and obsession over these glitter liquid eyeshadows by Stila is unreal, as their popularity has rocketed since the beginning.

Around the time that these first came to the UK, I went to Marks & Spencer’s with the best intentions of picking one of these up for myself.. BUT the Stila counter was sparse to say the least, and I remember speaking to two ladies who were restocking some beauty products at the time. They were telling me that people had been going mad for these glitters, as they were sold out both online and in-store, and no one could get holt of them anywhere!

Stila must be making more of these now – down to their overwhelming popularity, as for the majority of the time, you can now find these available to buy both online and in-store across the UK.

Over the duration of the last couple of months, I’ve been buying one of these glitters, as and when I can, and above all else I can confirm that I completely understand the craze and overwhelming interest in one of the beauty industry’s hottest new products and craze! Stila Cosmetics have done an amazing job. Whether this is the only product of this type out there, I don’t know BUT thanks to Stila, the industry has a pigmented, optional full coverage, liquid glitter eyeshadow to hand.

Apart from the obvious fact being that these are stunning and absolutely beautiful glitters to wear!
I can also tell you that the actual glitter which has been used in these eyeshadows is micro fine, which is the best choice in my opinion. The micro fine glitter enables this product to appear really quite refined and elegant on the lids, as the micro glitter softly catches the light as and when you turn your head. I would also have to say that the smaller flecks of glitter enable these to be a lot more wearable in my opinion.

As I’m sure you can see from within the pictures that I’ve included in this post, the pigmentation that these eyeshadows have is again unreal.

The colour of the liquid eyeshadow itself mixed with the different coloured flecks of glitter, enables these glitter liquid eyeshadows to appear really quite dramatic and sophisticated on the lids. I can also confirm that these eyeshadow are technically an ‘ALL-IN-ONE’ product, because you can wear these entirely on their own and there’s no need for you to use a primer, a base colour or even a glitter glue – which is an absolute positive in my opinion!

A lighter, more wearable version of Diamond Dust.

A more intense, dramatic version of Diamond Dust.

To apply these, you can do it in a number of different ways, depending of course on the type of look that your going for and how intense you want the glitter to appear.

For example, if I want the glitter to appear quite light, quite sparse and I guess a little more casual looking overall, then I would recommend patting some of the eyeshadow on the end of your finger, and then lightly dabbing and pressing onto you lid with your finger alone. This technique can be repeated up to as many times as you want, remembering of course that the more you apply the more glam your eye makeup will appear.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s an utterly dramatic and over the top glitter eye look, that we’ve no doubt all come across on Instagram at one time or another.

For this style of look, I would always recommend applying and blending out your base colours, including your crease shades etc first! Because as soon as you apply a Stila glitter, consider your eye makeup done. Trying to blend out eyeshadow over the top of one of these glitters achieves nothing, only a hideous amount of fall out and less pigmentation actually on your eyes. With this, I would also recommend, having a tissue below your eye (or placed just under your lashes) to catch the fall out speckles of glitter as you apply one of these directly onto your lid because these do unfortunately give fall out and the more times you blink as you apply this the more glitter you will find actually dotted around your face!

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If it wasn’t clear already, then I can tell you now that I adore these glitters!!

For the first time ever, I have a selection of glitter liquid eyeshadows in my makeup collection that I could use at any point of the day, and with that a product that I could use no matter what amount of time that I have to get ready in. Literally, I could be in a rush but still be able to apply one of these glitters onto my lids effectively. They each give such an incredibly pigmented, but also stunning appearance to the lids, honestly, these are Instagram worthy times one hundred. They are amazing.

What are your thoughts on these glitter liquid eyeshadows by Stila?
If your seriously thinking about buying one of these glitters for yourself, then I would certainly recommend heading to your nearest Stila counter (maybe try Marks & Spencer’s?) and swatching one of these for yourself first. As they are pretty expensive, and you want to be sure that this is a product that’s going to be right for you.

Love, Jess




  1. 05/06/2017 / 21:42

    I just got these not long ago and I’m obsessed! Pretty sure I got the exact same ones you have here as well! Haha. They are so gorgeous!

    Write On,
    Kimberly // http://www.lifeofkimberly.com

    • jellybluesblog
      07/06/2017 / 08:14

      Aren’t they beautiful! I adore mine too – they’re definitely an essential in my makeup collection. Which is your favourite out of the three? I think mine is Kitten Karma but then I’m also obsessed with Diamond Dust! x

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