Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box – June 2017

Look Incredible never seize to amaze me.
I thought last month’s box was good… but oh my! This one is pretty amazing too.

As soon as I opened the box, my first reaction was ‘OH MY GAWD’. Look at this. This is fabulous.
In fact, my second thought was ‘YES’… I have a brand new mascara to use!

The June Deluxe Edition has the Chanel Lipstick Rouge Allure, in the shade: 160 Euphoria. A 15ml Decleor Aroma Night Neroli Essential Night Balm, a NARS Matte Multiple, in the shade: Exumas and a TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara!
In total, the box states to have a combined total worth of £100 – which is a tidy profit when considering that this box costs £35.00 a month, including postage and delivery.

I am SO incredibly happy with this months box, mainly for the reason being that I was going to repurchase the TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara in the near future, as my first is basically on it’s last legs and needs to be disposed off pretty soon. There’s also a Chanel lipstick inside, which is just my sort of shade – which makes me very happy indeed. I’ve never tried a Chanel lipstick before, but have heard some pretty amazing things about them, and for those reasons, I am very excited to give this a try for myself.

Inside the box.

Chanel Lipstick Rouge Allure – in the shade: 160 Euphoria
RRP: £28.00

This is described an intense, long-wearing lip colour, which has a full-coverage and a satin finish.

Another thing I’ve definitely noticed since being subscribed to Look Incredible, is that they actually send wearable shades. With some of the previous boxes I’ve received from Glossybox and Cohorted, I’ve received some pretty intense and un-wearable shades for me personally, and unfortunately whenever I receive anything like those, they head straight onto the donate pile, which for me is such a waste and disappointed. This lipstick is however one that I am very excited to try, as the shade is one  that I would definitely have chosen myself.

Decleor Aroma Night Neroli Essential Night Balm
15ml – £28.00

This is described as an 100% natural, preservative-free balm – which has a melting texture. It is also said to be an ideal product to use when your skin needs as pick-me-up, as it gives rested skin, smoothness and brightness, whilst also helping to purify, balance and soften, and refine the skins texture whilst also locking in moisture.

A brand I’ve personally never heard off before, although very intrigued to try out for myself!

TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara

I shouldn’t need to tell you just how much I love this mascara…
Although, I think it pretty much says it all, when I tell you that I would have repurchased this mascara if I hadn’t of received it in this box by Look Incredible, because I’ve been a fan of this mascara for a fair few months now.

This mascara gives lashes a flattering beautiful, fluttery curl, as well as length and volume.
I absolutely love this mascara for those days when I want my lashes to look extra. When I want them to look good and just a little bit OTT. In fact, I wore this exact mascara alone for new years eve last year, and got complemented on my lashes, when a family told me why I was wearing false lashes… and my honest answer was ‘I’m really not, it’s mascara’.

NARS Matte Multiple – in the shade: Exumas

This product is described to bring a vibrant pop of colour to both the lips and cheeks, with a creamy, lightweight, matte formula. Regardless of it’s matte finish though, this also states to be buildable, as well as long-lasting and show an hydrating colour. This multiple product has a totally different aspect to it too, because you can in fact use this both dry and wet – for a much more rich and vivid finish.

It always excites me when I see a NARS product in a monthly subscription box because NARS is one of my favourite brands, which I actually think gets forgotten about a little too often. I have also been eager to try a multiple product like this by NARS for quite some time… and now I’m very thankfully able too.

Spa Retreats Signature – Moisture Rich Bath Cream

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything written about this product on the information sheet included, but Spa Retreats is a brand that has been included in previous boxes, and I’m still really enjoying using the body scrub that was in a previous box.

What do you think to the June Look Incredible Deluxe Beauty Box,
Is there anything in it that takes your fancy?

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Love, Jess



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