NEW Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette (First Impression + Review)

“You know, this could well be a new holy grail…”


A Dramatic Story Time
12th June 2017
11am – the exclusive pre-release – for 10 hours only

I couldn’t believe it,
11am had been and gone and I was still awaiting my exclusive pre-release link via email from the one and only; Urban Decay.

By 11:15am I was slowly becoming more and more desperate, which I realise sounds ridiculous but everyone seemed to have brought theirs already, according to Twitter. Literally every other tweet I read was… ‘got mine‘ or ‘yay, who else managed to get one?!’. Then as Urban Decay finally sent me my ‘exclusive’ link I saw the most devastating sight in the form of just two words… ‘sold out’. It’s true, by this point I was heart broken because if anything I’d been sat there since around 10:40am – waiting with the upmost patience to get a palette, and I know that still doesn’t give me the right but seriously, Urban Decay?! They had truly failed me.

THEN, after expressing my utter disappointment on Twitter, a lovely young lady called Jenny, got in touch with me and told me to keep on trying, as a similar thing had happened to her but she had just managed to get one! So I did. I refreshed the page over and over, hoping that it wasn’t all over. Then, as if by magic my page changed! It was now available to buy and therefore in stock! So I entered all of the relevant information during checkout and clicked ‘confirm order’… but that wasn’t the end. The palette came up as unavailable due to stock, and once again I was heart broken and slowly loosing every ounce of hope. BUT I continued refreshing the page, in hope that Urban Decay would release some more. After around 15 attempts… my order was confirmed and honestly I have never felt more relieved in my life. How could one palette cause so much hassle?!
Moral of the story: never give up hope!

Although, to cut a long story short, I could have just said that this was an absolute nightmare to get holt of couldn’t I?!…

The Palette

The Naked Heat palette is the latest and newest addition to the Urban Decay family.. and ‘oh my’ what a palette this is!
It holds a stunning collection of twelve, warm ‘amber-hued’ neutrals, including; warms browns, bronzes, burnt oranges and a  deep red colour too. It’s an also very versatile palette to have in ones makeup collection, as you can create a number of different warm toned looks with it. From just one beautiful colour all-over the lid to something a little more sultry and smokey and not forgetting the few metallic shades which are also in this palette, because these are also truly stunning – as they can be used both wet and dry, depending of course on the level of intensity that you would want to create.


All of the following swatches have been applied with a dry MAC 233 brush…

(Ivory Shimmer) • Chaser (Light Nude Matte) • Sauced (Soft Terra-Cotta Matte) • Low Blow (Brown Matte) • Lumbre (Copper Shimmer w/ Gold Pearl Shift) • He Devil (Burnt Red Matte)

Dirty Talk
(Metallic Burnt Red) • Scorched (Metallic Deep Red w/ Gold Micro-Shimmer) • Cayenne  (Deep Terra-Cotta Matte) • En Fuego (Burgundy Matte) • Ashes (Deep Reddish-Brown Matte) • Ember (Deep Metallic Copper-Burgundy)

All of the following swatches have been applied with a wet MAC 233 brush…
(The brush has been dipped in water before application)

Lumbre • Dirty Talk • Scorched • Ember

As you can see the collection of shades that are included in this palette are all absolutely stunning, as they are ALL also absolutely brand new to Urban Decay too.. meaning you really won’t have any of the shades included in this palette already – not even if you own other palettes also by Urban Decay. Which I actually think is pretty refreshing to tell you the truth because who would want a palette which holds the same shade as another – therefore meaning that you own duplicates of the exact same shade and shadow itself? It actually really bugs me how brands get away with it and do it so often… because it’s almost as if they can’t be bothered or are just fishing for more money. Thankfully though, this set of shades are all brand new – SO yes I may own something similar but nothing exactly the same.

You may also notice the texture and consistency of these eyeshadows by the swatch pictures shown above.
I mean, they look pretty dusty don’t they?.. I was thinking the same too. Although I can confirm that these don’t actually give to much fallout when being applied, which perhaps doesn’t make much sense because in the pan and definitely in the swatches shown they do kick up quite a bit

My Thoughts

If you haven’t guessed already I am a huge fan of this palette. Since first receiving it through the post seven days ago (to date), this is the only palette that I’ve reached for and actually wanted to use. The idea of being able to create a different warm toned eye look each day has honestly made me more excited about actually doing my makeup in the mornings… which for me is definitely what makeup is all about.

Similar to any other Urban Decay eyeshadow, these all blend incredibly well. In fact, pretty much effortlessly if I’m honest.
The lighter shade blends and conceals any crease lines on my lids too, which is often caused by product build up. I guess it also just really evens out the area and creates a perfect base for more shadow to come. I can also tell you that regardless of whether you choose to use a primer or not, these not only look and apply exactly the same but they also last for hours too!!! It’s impressive to say the least. The pigmentation is again unreal.. like seriously, I’m talking stunning. After using all different eyeshadows from all different palettes over the last few months, I can honestly tell you that this one has instantly stuck out as one of the best! As I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I first started to put one of these shadows on. The shade range is another thing that I also have to say I adore. If your a warm toned eyeshadow lover (like me) then this is definitely going to be for you, although if your more into your cool toned colours, then maybe go for a different palette… like Naked 2.

In all, I am so impressed by this palette and SO happy that I actually managed to get holt of one.

Urban Decay have seriously stepped up their game, in regards to packaging anyway, as this is definitely my favourite looking palette out of the lot. In my opinion the packaging of the palette closes a lot smoother, it feels more sturdy and the overall design is a lot nicer too… There is of course a duo-ended brush included in this palette, which isn’t unique I must say. Urban Decay are known for including a good quality, duo-ended brush in the majority of their bigger eyeshadow palettes, and this one certainly isn’t a disappointment either.

In a way, I guess I didn’t expect anything less from Urban Decay because their shadows are usually to a very high quality and standard. With this, I would also personally have to say that Urban Decay have one of the best eyeshadow formulas in the beauty industry, which is quite a statement I know… but I am so happy with how this product works, how the eyeshadows apply and just their overall consistency and blend-ability in general to be honest!

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What are your thoughts on the NEW Naked Heat palette by Urban Decay,
will you be investing in one, if you haven’t already?!

Love, Jess




  1. 06/08/2017 / 16:20

    This palette is my DREAM! Love the shades
    And i love your review too xx

  2. Kayleigh Zara
    04/07/2017 / 21:13

    This palette was a nightmare for me to get a hold of too! I understand the struggle, I agree the shades are beautiful too! The darker red is my favourite x

    Kayleigh Zara ? http://www.kayleighzaraa.com

    • jellybluesblog
      04/07/2017 / 23:09

      Wasn’t it a nightmare! I nearly gave up at one point but glad you managed to get holt of one too! I am so happy to have it. And oooh if it’s the red I’m thinking about – I totally get you! It’s gorgeous x

  3. 25/06/2017 / 22:36

    What a nightmare trying to get hold of it! I bet you’re glad you didn’t give up though! It looks great, l’ll definitely be getting it when it’s released in July!

    Sarah xx


    • jellybluesblog
      26/06/2017 / 14:24

      It was! Hopefully Urban Decay will have a lot available on the official release date – so you can easily get one! xx

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