Better than the Beautyblender?! The Make Up For Ever Ellipse Sponge (Review)

Innocently wondering around the fairly new Make Up For Ever beauty counter in (Leicester) Debenhams a couple of weeks ago was honestly bitter sweet. On one hand there were some amazing beauty products there – including ones that I’d never seen before and therefore ones that I would definitely be rather eager to try out for myself. On the other hand though, there’s the price point to consider. Each product costs a good chunk of money as far as I understand, and at the time this was money that I certainly hadn’t accounted for, let alone mentally prepared myself to spend!

With the Make Up For Ever beauty counter in Debenhams, has also come Buxom (YAS!), a larger TooFaced stand and an even bigger MAC section…
and I can’t even begin to tell you how delighted I am!

First of, can I just say that I’d never heard, let alone seen OR EVEN KNEW that Make Up For Ever made a beauty sponge?!

Which isn’t maybe a big deal – I mean a cosmetic brand like Make Up For Ever is bound to sell all kinds of beauty tools and accessories.. BUT how has this beauty sponge gone un-noticed for so long? Unless I’m just slow? Is it common knowledge that Make Up For Ever do sponges… AND for such a reasonable price of £7.50 too?!

Who knew?! Make Up For Ever actually create a vast amount of different types of sponges?! Maybe I’m just late to the party here but I am genuinely shocked…. WHY haven’t I heard of anyone talk about their sponges before…

Seeming as I don’t know much at all about this sponge – let me FIRST tell you some more factional information –
and this information has been sourced from Make Up For Ever themselves.

Here’s what Make Up For Ever say about this sponge in-particular:
“The elliptical shape of this latex sponge allows you to gently apply foundation to the face, especially in hard-to-reach areas”.

Okay, so we know that Make Up For Ever claim that this sponge is great for applying a number of different types of foundations all-over your face – and even in those harder to reach areas, like around your eyes and nose. I also presume that this sponge is suppose to be gentle and of course soft, making the application very comfortable indeed. I was told by the Make Up For Ever makeup artist herself, when I brought this sponge that it can be used wet or dry – just like the classic Beautyblender, which for me is definitely an essential, as I don’t like the texture or feeling of a dry beauty sponge at all.

My Thoughts

As first impressions go, I was hopeful to say the least.
The packaging for this sponge is simple but effective in my opinion, as it shows the product for what it is – there’s no extra’s, no sparkly bits and certainly no colour, which I don’t mind at all. To be honest, I know I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, and pretty packaging will always be mentioned here on Jellybluesblog.. BUT I can also appreciate simplicity – and that’s exactly what I believe this is. I would much prefer to pay £7.50 for the sponge itself rather than £12 or £16 and have a pretty box that ends up in the recycling after a few minutes of purchasing.

I have to say that the shape of this beauty sponge really intrigued me when I first saw it –
and let’s be honest that’s totally the reason why I brought it… because temptation got the better of me.

I just think the shape of this sponge is so unusual but yet so realistic because it makes sense! It has two sharp straight edges at either end and then a continuous curvature all the way around. In fact, the straight edges are what got me, as on paper let’s say, this should work great for under the eyes in-particular.

Before applying my chosen foundation and blending it in with this sponge, I can tell you that water does not effect the size or texture of it. I was actually squeezing this sponge under the tap for a very long time indeed…. but the water did nothing. You know, in all honesty, this is a little bit of a disappointment for me, as I like it when my Beautyblender doubles in size and becomes extremely soft and squishy. The texture of the Ellipse sponge (both wet and dry) is actually quite firm, and I can’t say that I’m a massive fan of this. I guess I’m just stubborn when it comes to the firmness of my beauty sponge… as I have always found a squishy, soft and more bouncier sponge to blend my foundation and concealer in a lot more effectively…

The straight edges ALSO bring a little disappointment with them as far as foundation is concerned, as with the firmness, my foundation can never seem to blend effortlessly or flawlessly with this one product alone. For some strange reason the finish of my foundation – regardless of whether it has a thick formula or not – will have indents in it, that are caused by the sponge. Ultimately meaning that I have to go over my foundation after with my one and only Beautyblender – which kind of defeats the object, does it not?!


There is a positive.

Just as I thought, the straight edges have a good purpose.
When it comes to blending in concealer around the straighter area of your under eyes, this sponge is very helpful and useful indeed. Not around the inner corners mind, as this sponge doesn’t fit properly around this area for me, although maybe I just have a little head (who knows)? Around the tighter, more trickier areas it can be quite difficult to blend with just this one sponge in-particular as it doesn’t seem to have much flexibility, unlike the classic Beautyblender.

With the straight edges on this sponge you can really define your concealer with a crisp and clean straight edge, which is ideal for when it comes to cleaning around dodgy winged-liner or even just brightening up your under eyes altogether. As well as blending your concealer beautifully, this is a really good sponge to use for under eye baking too! With the slight firmness that this sponge has – and I’m going to contradict myself here, so be prepared – you can really press your chosen loose setting powder in, as well as achieving a crisp and near as possible line.

Taking us to the contouring side of life. . . 
Brightening loose powders are often applied with a sponge just underneath your cheek bone/ contour line too.. as by brightening this area you are in turn creating more shadow and therefore depth, which ultimately and supposedly helps to define and chisel your cheekbones even further. By using this sponge in a number of different ways, I can tell you that this is a really useful tool to have in your makeup collection, especially if your someone who likes to go that one step further when it comes to contouring… as honestly nothing compares to the incredibly clean and crisp lines that you can achieve with this one sponge in-particular.


What are your thoughts on this sponge, would it be something that you’d maybe find useful?!

Love, Jess


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