Four Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks (Crush, Pure Hollywood, Dusty Rose & Lovely)

       Who remembers when the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks were like gold dust to get holt of here in the UK?!

I remember when I used to look at these on the Sephora website (on a daily basis)… longing to get my hands on at least one! I don’t know what it was exactly about the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks that intrigued me so much BUT they were the one product that was always at the back of my mind… Perhaps, the thought of knowing that I couldn’t get holt of one, made me want one even more… which is usually the case isn’t it.

Then, as if by a stroke of magic, Anastasia Beverly Hills brought these liquid lipsticks to their UK website, and I can’t even to begin to tell you how excited I felt when I read this news. It had felt like a very long wait indeed but I was finally going to have the chance to try one of the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks out for myself.

I’ve owned these four liquid lipsticks for quite a while, to say the least, and admittingly still have a rather mixed opinion about them. Some days, I adore them whilst on others, I can’t stand them, as they quite literally feel like the worst liquid lipstick to have ever touched my lips…

The Shades

Lovely is perhaps one of my favourite shades, especially out of the four that I currently own. I would personally describe the shade as a red/brown nude, although I would also have to say that it has a slight rose colour undertone in my opinion.

Crush has a very similar undertone to Lovely, although Crush is a lot more brown toned in my opinion.
Therefore, I would describe Crush as a brown/beige undertoned nude shade.

Pure Hollywood
Pure Hollywood is a very popular shade from within this collection, as I know a lot of people who currently love it! I would describe it as a beige nude shade, with a slight orange undertone too.

Dusty Rose
Last but certainly not least we have Dusty Rose, and this is the darkest shade out of the four that I own.
Quite rightly described within its own title, Dusty Rose is exactly that, a dusty rose shade! Although I would also have to say that this shade is a little deeper than I first expected it to be, so for that reason alone I would have to tell you that this is a dusty rose shade with a brown undertone.

Crush • Lovely • Dusty Rose • Pure Hollywood

The liquid lipsticks themselves each have a very pigmented formula, that is each very thick and creamy. I would also have to say that you only need to apply one layer of this lipstick to your lips at a time, as building layers of this can definitely result in a rather unsightly appearance in my opinion. I mean, my lipstick has looked rather thick and patchy in the past but also a little cakey too…

On application, you want to make sure that you apply these rather rapidly as well, as I definitely notice the drying time, which is practically instant if I’m being entirely honest. It isn’t a major problem, don’t get me wrong but working with these liquid lipsticks a little quicker than usual definitely pays off for the better as far as I’m aware. These also dry down to the ultimate matte finish… and because of this, they do feel very dry on the lips, both on the application and throughout wear. For me, the level of dryness that these make my lips feel in particular is a little uncomfortable, unfortunately, as I definitely prefer my lips to be a little more hydrated than dry. I have also found that throughout wear, these liquid lipsticks each turn a little bitty looking and patchy too, which is normal of course, with eating and drinking your lipstick is bound to take a bit of stick but it’s not even like you could just reapply over the top, as this does not look nor feel good in the slightest. The only way, in my opinion, to reapply this lipstick in the middle of the day, is to rub the first lot of completely and start from scratch.

Overall, I would have to tell you, that on some days I really like these liquid lipsticks by Anastasia Beverly Hills – when my lips are extra soft and really hydrated. Whilst on others, I really can’t stand them to tell you the truth, as they make my lips feel far too dry for my liking, which is definitely unfortunate, as these have a nice formula apart from that factor in my opinion.

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What are your thoughts on these liquid lipsticks by Anastasia Beverly Hills?!

Love, Jess


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